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NEWS November 2, 2015

Stradivari builder and KTH professor present world’s first smart guitar

Gitarr MIND

Sensus, the world’ first smart guitar, can be anything from an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar to a synthesizer, and in addition manage lighting, stream music via Spotify and instantly share new pieces of music online – without accessories such as computers or speakers. Sensus increases the possibilities of musical expression to the infinite and will revolutionize music.

The Sensus guitar will be presented by the Swedish-Italian startup MIND Music Labs on November 3 with a live demo at the Web Summit conference in Dubin. They have recently raised capital from business angels Jacob Key, previous digital strategy director at Warner Music, TAT-founder Ludvig Linge, Per Brilioth, CEO of Vostok New Ventures, and Marcelo Benitez from Proaltus Capital.

Sensus is a 360-degree, wireless music system with a smart IoT unit that gives musicians endless opportunities to create music and musical effects. They can do it in a natural way, without accessories such as computers or speakers. All that is needed is built into the guitar.

– Sensus is the evolution of the guitar that musicians have been waiting for for more than 50 years, and its technology is as unique as the team behind MIND – a mix of acoustic tradition and cutting edge technology, says Michele Benincaso, founder and CEO of MIND Music Labs.

Thanks to MIND’s patented technologies, all sounds produced in HD are created directly from the guitar’s own wooden body. The wooden body is built on the same acoustic principles and with the same wood as the world-famous Stradivari violins.

Musicians can also use Sensus to stream and play music via eg Spotify, play direct to their favorite songs, or jam with friends remotely via wifi and instantly share their performances online through social platforms like Soundcloud and Facebook.

Sensus was developed from an idea of ​​MIND’s CEO Michele Benincaso, an Italian “Maestro” trained by Antonio Stradivari school in Cremona, Italy.

While musicians and music are constantly evolving, the guitar’s development has stagnated since the 60’s and computer technology has taken over. Michele noticed this and decided to do what Stradivari did in the 600’s and Fender in the 60’s – use the latest technology and design to meet the needs of musicians, look for new sounds and new ways to express themselves, and reach more individuals.

To develop Sensus, Michele had the help of a dream team of Italian and Swedish researchers and artists; modern versions of the skilled craftsmen who supported Stradivari in his creations. Among them are Professor Carlo Fischione, PhD at KTH, one of the world’s leading researchers in the IoT technology, and who is also a visiting professor at both MIT and Harvard; Dr. Luca Turchet, PhD, and Music Director, an expert in electronic music and human-computer interaction, and Dr. Stefano Zambon, PhD, audio and system designers with wide experience of digital musical instruments.

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