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NEWS September 19, 2019

Stordalen’s hotel chain in million SEK contract with tech startup PushAppy

After several successful pilots where PushAppy helped Nordic Choice Hotels to increase customer satisfaction and turnover in the bar, restaurant and reception, a two-year agreement has now been reached to continue that concept and cooperation between the parties.

PushAppy is a digital platform that, with the help of innovative methods, helps companies create positive behavioral changes that lead to increased motivation and higher results for employees. PushAppy enables employees and managers to follow the process and their results in real time via app and web.

– During the pilot, we managed to clearly see a increased result and more satisfied customers, and when I can’t tear myself away from the computer on a Friday night to follow the result in real time, I just have to agree with my colleague who said, “Who watches Netflix when you have PushAppy?” says Anant Vithlani, Vice President Sales at Nordic Choice Hotels.

PushAppy has been a driving factor in creating an awareness among the employees of their goals and of how they can outperform them in the best possible way. PushAppy will now be a present service in the day-to-day work of Nordic Choice Hotels to continue to create positive behavioral changes among employees and at the same time achieve increased results.

– Working with Nordic Choice Hotels has been a fantastic experience, thanks in large part to the committed leadership and their positive and driven corporate culture. The collaboration enables us at PushAppy to grow and invest more in product innovation and to gain greater market shares when it comes to motivation and behavioral changes at companies. Our focus now will be on expansion and we will therefore begin the process of raising more capital to take the next step to the rest of Europe, says Max Müller, CEO and co-founder of PushAppy.

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