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NEWS February 10, 2020

Here are Sting’s 18 new companies to keep an eye on

Sting admits 18 carefully selected companies in its startup programs Sting Accelerate and Sting Incubate. Smart car sharing, green investment information, climate-smart laundry service, interactive music and ADHD treatment are among the products and services offered by the companies. The list of startups is announced today when the entrepreneurs meet for the first time in Sting’s offices at A house.

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– It’s great that we have a record number of companies starting in Sting in this decade’s first intake of new startups. We are particularly happy over the fact that two-thirds of the companies have female co-founders. We feel a strong interest in joining Sting’s program and see that many of the entrepreneurs who are in Sting recommend us to others, says Karin Ruiz, coach at Sting.

New for this year is that the investment that the Sting companies can get from Propel Capital is now raised to SEK 400,000 from previously SEK 300,000. In addition to the investment itself, the companies also have direct access to the 42 business angels backing Propel Capital, and also their networks.

In addition, the companies receive, among other things, individual and tailored coaching in business development, financing and recruitment, and access to Sting’s broad international network of industry contacts and investors. They also get free office space at A house, which helps build a strong community with each other and the Sting team.

– The new group represents a wide range of business ideas ranging from e-commerce and digital marketplaces to a number of companies with innovative e-health solutions. A majority of the companies also have sustainability as part of their business models. It is a collection of very strong founders with deep industry knowledge from their respective business areas. We have had a large number of applicants for the programs and now it will be great to start the working together with the entrepreneurs, says Fredrik Rosengren, coach at Sting.

One of the new companies that starts today in Sting is Tilly, which wants to change the dialogue about fertility health and make the journey easier for those who encounter challenges.

– We are launching our product shortly and are confident that Sting will give us good support in achieving our goals for the spring – to reach our target group, enter partnerships and grow. We have heard a lot of positive things about the hands-on support and network in the form of both partners and investors that Sting gives access to, so it feels like the right step for us right now, says Jenny Ann Ax:son Johnson, co-founder and CEO of Tilly.

Another company, All Aboard, is developing a service that will make it easy to travel by train in Europe.

– We look forward to taking part in Sting’s coaching and to developing together with the other companies. With the help of Sting, we will be able to accelerate the pace and launch a new, fine-tuned experience for traveling abroad by train, says Anton Trollbäck, co-founder and CEO of All Aboard.

Since its inception in 2002, Sting has coached over 270 startups, which together have a company value of approximately EUR 1.2 billion. The companies had sales of EUR 250 million in 2018 and have attracted more than EUR 450 million in private capital. Among Sting’s alumni are companies such as Yubico, Karma, Sellpy, Barnebys and Surfcleaner.

The following companies have been selected for Sting Accelerate:

All Aboard is a digital travel agency making it easy to explore Europe by train. Get inspired, browse different routes and buy tickets to your next adventure. By combining open data with machine learning and user-focused design, we’re meeting a growing demand for a smoother and faster booking of sustainable travel.

Ciao Ciao Carsharing is a completely app-based peer-to-peer service that lets you easily rent a car from people in your vicinity without having to meet to hand over keys. All cars are equipped with smart hardware that connects directly to the app. All you have to do is log in with BankID, find a car, unlock it and drive away – everything on your mobile. Sweden’s smartest car-sharing service.

Datia helps people make value-based and sustainable investments. With the Datia app you can easily see how your stocks and funds impact the environment and society by parameters such as CO2 emissions, water usage and equality. Datia then helps you find investment opportunities that have a positive impact on the planet while growing your savings.

Eaesy is a new trendy way to order food from restaurants with one single mobile app. Customers save time and enjoy unique offers. Restaurants improve efficiency and sales with 10-25 percent within three months.

Gestrument. Making music truly interactive, Gestrument provides an adaptive and truly interactive music engine that blurs the line between a playable instrument and a composed piece of music. Depending on the application, input can range from motion sensors to game parameters and transform user interaction to music in real time.

Laundrop is on a mission to digitize and change the outdated laundry industry. Laundrop is a digital laundry service that is sustainable, fast and easy to use. Our platform connects customers with local laundry shops within household laundry, carpet cleaning, dry cleaning – all with one click. Your local laundry shop to your door! We deliver with bicycles and electric vehicles, have recyclable wash bags of recycled materials and we only use neutral, organic perfume-free washing powder – all for tomorrow’s greener laundry industry.

Noteful Ai combines visual analytics with machine learning to help beginner to expert investors find relevant financial information before investing in the financial markets.

Skinfo is Sweden’s first app with science-generated information on ingredients in skincare and cosmetics. The data is translated into a simplified format to help you choose, avoid or discover products based on its content.

Vagon is the simplest personal cloud computer that you can run through any device. It’s mainly for graphics-intensive software users such as video editors, architects, and designers. If you cannot run a certain software on your regular computer, run it on vagon from the same device with the best performance. It simplifies cloud operations and lets users own and run their personal cloud computers with ease, anywhere, anytime. 

Voicemachine is a B2B web app designed specifically for selected professional voice talents with their own recording setups and media clients. We’ve simplified the process of selecting and recording voices by putting clients in direct contact with the voice talents they select. All project files, chats, file transfers and payments are handled directly in the app. No user fees or monthly subscriptions are required.

The following companies have been selected for Sting Incubate:

ADHDdoktorn offers an easier way to treat and support ADHD. Individuals can see a doctor or therapist via video call and get started on treatment without waiting time. ADHDdoktorn is Sweden’s first digital healthcare service for the treatment of ADHD.

Tilly wants to empower people to own their fertility journey. Our Fertility Check-up is a blood test and survey generating an educative report giving women a tool to start a dialogue about their reproductive future and to proactively identify if they belong to a risk group. Our mobile app offers data- and community-driven support for those struggling with fertility issues. It’s a tracking tool that generates personalized treatment guidance and enables clinic searches based on other patients’ evaluations.

edChild is an EdTech company that strives for the UN Global Goal 4.2: “Equal access to quality pre-primary education”. After running preschools for almost 10 years, we decided to develop a digital tool that focuses on children’s development and learning. Fokus Förskola, edChild’s first tool, was developed in collaboration with preschool teachers and facilitates the practical work in preschools through digital collegiate learning, inspiration and assisting teachers with analysis support that help them to adapt teaching in a data-driven way.

Jaisy. Every year, around 135 million babies are born and 80 million of them develop jaundice. Although the early stage of jaundice is harmless, it may cause neurological disorder or even death if it is not treated. We have developed a low-cost and non-invasive jaundice detector that can be used by anyone in the world. It is a small device that you hold on to the chest or forehead of a baby. The diagnosis of jaundice is delivered to your smartphone within seconds. We have achieved 93 percent accuracy in our latest pilot study at Karolinska Institute.

Lokatt develops the world’s first sustainable ski helmet, made from high-performance bioplastics and composites – for people who enjoy the mountains and care for our planet. Our ultimate goal is to start a material revolution in the helmet industry. Let’s make helmets from plants.

Monocular offers user-friendly visualization services, for productions of film and other visual media. We use simulation technology such as VR and AR. The visualizations help the production create a prototype of the finished film before recording begins. It streamlines the production process and reduces the risk of budget deviations. It also enhances the creative dialogue between director, photographer and scenographer during the planning stage.

Nouxtec is a power shifter, establishing a new economic approach for modern working life to help more people realize and enhance their future. We start with a digital platform enabling people to take control of their pension. Unique algorithms help everyone understand how to make their pension fit individual needs – and save a fortune throughout the journey.

Snaptive targets the market of first-time seekers for mental health. It is a digital counseling service with the mission to proactively improve mental health by solving three major problems; accessibility, trust and confidence. Snaptive offers subscriptions to care homes, schools and other organizations. With great accessibility, anonymity and simplicity we strive for a better society where the young grow up to become healthy adults.