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NEWS June 22, 2020

Startup revolutionizes the future of travel, raises 3 MSEK from well-known investors

The new train booking service All Aboard closes a funding round and will now make trains the obvious choice for travel within Europe. With them on the journey are, among others, Google veteran Magnus Sandberg and former NHL star Mattias Weinhandl.

All Aboard is a digital travel agency that makes it easy to plan and buy tickets for train journeys across Europe. The idea was born in 2017 when Anton Trollbäck travelled by train from Sweden to Iran and realized how complicated it was to understand where the trains left from, how long he needed to change trains and then to book all tickets on separate web pages.

− Many booking services lack any type of support for the planning itself as well as information about which cities are interesting to visit. That is why we have built a flexible service where you can easily plan longer train trips and with the help of different data sources, we recommend different routes to create to the perfect trip. This way you can save a huge amount of time and unnecessary stress, says Anton Trollbäck, CEO and co-founder of All Aboard.

In a short time, the team has managed to raise more capital than they expected. The funding will go to further develop the algorithm that underpins the service and refine the service so that the company can start selling tickets in the German and French markets already next year.

− I like to travel by train, and I like new technology that makes it easier. With its well-balanced mix of user-friendly design, smart algorithms and curated content, All Aboard provides the perfect support when booking your longer train journey, says Magnus Sandberg, business angel and former Google engineer, who participates in the round.

Interest in international rail travel has increased steadily since 2013 and is expected to increase even more in the future. According to the European Investment Bank’s Climate Survey, three out of four say they are ready to switch from aircraft partly because of increased awareness of the climate impact, and partly because of Corona who has taught us to appreciate a calmer life. This makes All Aboard look brightly at the future.

− New rules and proposals from the EU will make it easier to move across borders by train. Our vision is to continue to develop and broaden the service to make train travel the obvious choice for travel within Europe, says Anton Trollbäck.

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