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NEWS January 22, 2020

Sold out event when 17 companies pitched at this year’s first Sting Demo Day

Over 100 investors were present at Epicenter yesterday when 17 of Sweden’s hottest startups presented at Sting Demo Day. The event is the final of the startup programs Sting Accelerate and Sting Incubate, and offered exciting pitches and effective networking.

Sting Demo Day is organized twice a year with the aim of giving the entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their companies and begin relationships with future investors and partners.

The companies that now leave Sting offer solutions within a wide range of industries from health, cleantech, fintech and games to edtech and robotics. They have already shown sales successes and, in the fall, mainly achieved results in the form of new customers, improved products and stronger and expanded teams.

Sting Demo Day concluded with TorTalk, which develops speech synthesis programs for school, college and workplaces, who, after a vote of the audience, won the award for “Best pitch”.

– It was an incredibly high level on everyone’s presentations today and we are very proud to have won the best pitch among all these strong entrepreneurs. Demo Day gave us a fantastic opportunity to showcase ourselves to both the VC and the angel community, and a great ending to a very valuable time at Sting, says Tor Ghai, founder and CEO of TorTalk.

The companies that pitched at Sting Demo Day were:

Agilon develops a solution for companies to automatically visualize business processes, identify bottlenecks and deviations, and get quantified improvement suggestions. Customers complete process improvement initiatives up to ten times faster and stay on top of operations with continuous process monitoring, alerting them of any new problems. We call it Process Intelligence.

Ebbel helps consumers make better and quicker decisions. We do this by analyzing our customers’ consumption habits and, based on this, provide them with intelligent and personalized recommendations. Right now, we automatically match our customers with their optimal debit or credit card, saving them on average 3,025kr per year.

Gimme Shelter aims to make architecture accessible to the masses. With unique, environmentally friendly and affordable housing solutions that can be combined, Gimme Shelter wants to help people to live and build according to their need and their wallet. Together with Sweden’s most acclaimed pioneers in environment and sustainability, Gimme Shelter is building Northern Europe’s first turnkey house that is run on fossil-free fuels.

Harvest Moon develops a toilet that separates and converts the waste into plant nutrients. The volume is reduced by 90 percent, thereby making it easy to empty and transport the waste. The company’s first customers are Scandinavian vacation homeowners who want aesthetic environmentally friendly toilets that are hygienic and easy to handle. The next step is the global market where the need for waterless toilet solutions is enormous.

imagiLabs is building a community and tools to teach programming to girls between 12-16. They spark their interest with the ultimate accessories that can be customized through programming from their mobile phones – this way bringing self-expression, creativity, and mobile phones to the center of the experience. By enabling girls to take their first steps into the world of programming, they can be part of the first generation of a gender-equal tech workforce.

It’s Re:Leased provides more value and variation to your wardrobe without exhausting neither your or the planets resources. By renting the parts of your wardrobe you’d otherwise only wear a few times, we increase the number of usages per garment and can challenge the mass production industry currently responsible for higher CO2 emissions than the airline industry.

Kavalri Games emerged from the passion for creating qualitative equestrian games. We’re developing the mobile game Equestrian the Horse game – a game which lets the player build their equestrian career from the ground up. Our players are mostly girls with an equestrian interest, and they’re passionately supporting our development.

Mindmore develops digital neurocognitive tests, including The Minnemera service, a diagnostic tool primarily aimed at primary and inpatient care.

Panprices enables cross-border eCommerce by eliminating the friction consumers face when shopping online from international retailers. By aggregating local price comparison sites and collecting additional data on retailers, Panprices empowers consumers to find offers on products they are looking to buy up to 50 percent cheaper than the cheapest price available in their country of residence.

Prion is a platform for kindergartens. Via the Prion app, teachers can easily document the children’s activities using pictures, texts and videos and make connections to the goals in the curriculum. Parents can follow their own child’s learning on a daily basis. Prion enables teachers to reduce the time spent on administration, parents to become more involved in their child’s development and further strengthen the relationship between teachers and parents.

Relox Robotics develops task-specific autonomous robots to help companies become more efficient and sustainable. The products are based on a robotics platform that is adjustable to different needs and environments. Our first product is a smart, self-navigating robot that collects golf balls on golf ranges. We offer a technical solution that includes high accuracy local positioning together with intelligent software.

Renbloc is a comprehensive and transparent solution for tracing and verifying sources of energy. Customers can easily keep track of when, where and how their energy is produced. Bringing purchasing power to the energy market, the conscious consumer will for the first time be able to voice their energy opinion by directly and transparently choosing the origin of their energy.

Ridesum is a digital collaboration platform that connects riders, trainers and experts every day. In the mobile app, you can search for trainers and experts, book training sessions or get feedback on recorded movies, train live remotely via video streaming and save the feedback you receive. We help riders develop faster and trainers to streamline their operations – while saving the environment through reduced travel. Ridesum is used by riders and coaches from base level up to Olympic level in Sweden and internationally.

TADA Medical solves the enormous, global need for safer medical tubes by eliminating negative consequences, such as patient injury, related to accidents where a tube is pulled during treatment. We are pioneering a new global standard for safer medical tubes.

TorTalk creates text to speech applications for schools, Universities and workplaces. Our end users are people with dyslexia, ADHD and those who prefer to listen to their second language. TorTalks software removes barriers, help increase efficiency and reduce stress for users. For example, today we reach 75 % of the students in Sweden and feedback tells us about completed classes and an honest chance to graduate using TorTalk.

Vinter Capital is a Swedish index provider and data analysis firm. We believe that blockchain technology has the potential to transform our world. The application of this technology can result in a more decentralised and transparent economy with far-reaching positive effects such as financial inclusion for everyone. Our objective is to make the cryptocurrency market more mature. We do so by providing transparent and regulated indices used in financial products. Vinter Capital’s indices bridge the cryptocurrency community and the professional investment industry.

xNomad is the Nordics’ leading marketplace platform for short-term retail space. We make browsing and booking commercial pop-up space as easy as booking an AirBnB. We connect brands and entrepreneurs with their ideal retail space so that they can create a pop-up store experience and measure their success through our advanced data analytics.


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