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NEWS December 20, 2016

SmartGuitar startup raises 2 MSEK from business angels and Propel Capital


MIND Music Labs, the startup that has wowed the planet with its SENSUS – the world’s first smart guitar – has raised a total of 2 million SEK. The investment comes from Anders Göransson at Soläng Invest, Propel Capital, and current investor Mats Georgson, founder of the Bluetooth brand, among others.

MIND Music Labs’ first product, the SENSUS SmartGuitar, is at the same time a guitar, a wireless digital audio workstation and a smart Internet of Things device. It boosts artists’ expressivity, allowing them to add infinite modulations to their music, share their performances online in HD, and take advantage of its connectivity to add new levels of interaction to live acts.

– MIND Music Labs is a fantastic music startup that takes smart instruments combined with digital music to a whole new level, says private investor Anders Göransson at Soläng Invest, who has also invested in music startup Pacemaker and the intelligent computer vision startup Modcam.

MIND Music Labs is backed by a team of investors with backgrounds in the music and tech world, including Jacob Key (former VP of Digital Strategy Europe for Warner Music) and Ludvig Linge (co-founder of The Astonishing Tribe, acquired by BlackBerry in 2010). In October, MIND was also joined by the band Dream Theater’s keyboardist and music tech entrepreneur Jordan Rudess.

According to the founders, the SENSUS SmartGuitar caters to the needs of real musicians and is the natural next step in the evolution of one of the oldest instruments in the world.

– Today there are many incredible evolutions happening in music and technology; from VR and AR to interactive performances – but everything is still happening off stage. While on stage, musicians are still using technologies from the 50’s. We strongly believe that evolving musical instruments and allowing musicians to seamlessly interact with each other and with their audiences is the key to the next real revolution in the industry, says Michele Benincaso, founder and CEO of MIND Music Labs.

MIND Music Labs has now raised 2 million SEK, which will be used to further develop the SENSUS SmartGuitar and bring it one step closer to the market.

MIND Music Labs was founded in Stockholm in 2014. In May 2016, the team released their first music video of its SENSUS SmartGuitar and received more than two million views in one week. In June, it was awarded as “Most Promising Music Startup of 2016” at Midem, Europe’s leading music industry event, and also won 2nd prize at Sónar Barcelona music festival. In November, they performed live at the Finnish startup conference Slush in Helsinki.


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