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NEWS June 11, 2020

Skincity is first with Skinfo for transparency around product content

Today, a partnership is launched between Skincity and Skinfo − a service that provides science-based facts for more than 30,000 ingredients in cosmetic products.

Skincity, the leading online skincare clinic in the Nordic region, is first out with the service via a widget that automatically generates information on the product pages.

In addition to increasing transparency, the idea of ​​the partnership is to extend Skincity’s service offering by facilitating customers in their choice of products with more easily understood ingredient lists. Skinfo’s data is based on information from independent bodies and authorities, which include the European Commission, among others.

− Transparency within our industry is an incredibly important factor both for us as a company and for our customers. We see that many customers read up on ingredients in products and here we feel that together with Skinfo as a partner − and as the first player in the industry − we can take the next step. We always look for innovative solutions to add value to our customers and we are happy to take the lead in what we believe in. By teaming up with Skinfo, we can now even better guide our customers and try to make what’s complex a little easier to understand, says Stefan Fragner, CEO of Skincity.

Skinfo’s founder and CEO Lena Skiba comments on the collaboration:

− I am incredibly proud to be the first in Sweden, together with Skincity, to provide transparency around product content using fact-based data. We want to grow with players leading the industry forward and Skincity is in full line with that, not least as the winner of Digital Retailer 2020.

Skinfo is the first scalable solution for e-retailers to automatically generate scientific, objective information for over 30,000 skin care and cosmetics ingredients. The company was founded by Lena Skiba and Viktor Morin with the goal of making the industry more transparent for both companies and consumers.

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