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NEWS January 10, 2017

Signal Signal recruits sales manager from Mynewsdesk, plans international expansion

Signal Signal, a “Google Alert” for the spoken media, hires a sales manager to meet strong customer interest and expand internationally. The company also opens up for investors to step in and be part of the journey.

Signal Signal helps clients to identify brand ambassadors and analyze mentions in podcasts, radio, TV and Youtube channels. The company quickly gained tailwind at the launch last fall. Its customers include Bauer Media, Microsoft, Malmö city, Max Hamburgarer and the Postal Code Lottery.

– We were quickly overwhelmed by the interest from both prestigious brands and the public sector. We realized we quickly needed a sales team to take Signal Signal to the next level. We are super excited for our first recruitment Robin Tuorda – just the right person to lead our sales organization, says Tor Rauden Källstigen, co-founder and CEO of Signal Signal.

Robin has worked with sales for 10 years. One of his first projects as Sales Manager will be to work with Signal Signal’s product packaging and define future expansion strategies.

– A linchpin to creating relevant communications is working data-driven and get inspiration, insights and ideas in a structured way. Media coverage of the written word is a given, but the spoken media has gone under the radar as it lacked tools for scanning television, radio, pods and youtube. We will change that, says Robin Tuorda, Head of Sales at Signal Signal.

The investment round will be used to scale and roll out in several markets. A number of prominent investors have already shown interest.

– 2017 will be the year when spoken media coverage will have an impact on a broad front. We had never imagined that the journey from prototype to launch, to enthusiastic customers, would go so quickly. Now we take the next step and raise capital to scale up operations, says Tor Rauden Källstigen, co-founder and CEO.

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