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NEWS January 21, 2015

SelfieJobs releases “NäraJobb” – see travel times and apply for jobs with a “like”


When the founders of SelfieJobs launched their job search service, they saw that many applied for a job on the other side of town because they did not know long it took to get there. With the new NäraJobb (“ClosebyJobs”) you can see the travel times to potential employers and based on that choose to apply for a job close to home. This could potentially have a major impact on quality of life, by spending less time commuting, and also save space in the public transportation system.

SelfieJobs launched at the end of November 2014 under the motto “search job with a like”. Today, seven weeks later, there are over 100 companies listed in the app and thousands of applicants. Young people can quickly and easily make a “SelfieCV” directly on their mobile, attach a short presentation video and then apply for a job with a “like”.

− The first young people have already been offered jobs after using the search and chat features in the app, says Martin Tall, founder and CEO of SelfieJobs.

Some key features of SelfieJobs “ClosebyJobs”

  • See actual travel time from your home to the workplace where you are job hunting.
  • Select and search jobs with short commutes.
  • Works initially in Sweden but will launche across Europe this spring.

Other features of SelfieJobs

  • 22 second video pitch adds depth and personality to CVs
  • Search with a “like”
  • Sharing feature allows job seekers to share their profile on Facebook and make known that they’re looking for a job and can receive job tips.

− SelfieJobs app is, to our knowledge, the first in Europe, and probably the world, to use travel time as a basis for job seekers. This is imortant, partly because public transport works poorly in many cities in Europe, and partly because it can increase the quality of life through shorter travel time, says Martin Tall.

SelfieJobs is a Stockholm-based startup in STING’s accelerator program Fast Forward. SelfieJobs’ mission is to make it easy and fun to search for and post jobs, and thus make visible new jobs and internships. The head office is at SUP46 on Regeringsgatan in Stockholm.

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