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Recruitment & team development

After working with more than 300 startups, we have learned how to recruit and develop a successful team. You get access to two coaches to help you succeed in this area.

A startup’s success often depends on the strength of the team. But it is a challenge to attract talented people when you cannot offer a competitive salary. Therefore, we have dedicated coaches at Sting who specialize in startup talent acquisition and retention. 

You will receive comprehensive support throughout the entire recruitment process, including help with.

  • Analyzing your team’s strengths and goals to identify gaps
  • Understanding the profile you need 
  • Defining the requirements
  • Reaching the right talent networks and channels
  • Accessing recruitment tools
  • Screening, selection and hiring

In addition to this, you get:

  • Free access to Sting’s candidate database (2000+ people) and other recruitment networks 
  • Free access to a digital recruitment platform for effective branding and management of applications
  • Free postings of your open positions on two of the big tech and business recruitment portals
  • Invitations to niche recruitment matchmaking events
  • Workshops and individual coaching in multiple areas ranging from options programs, team planning and building company culture, to employer branding, personal development and conflict handling

Sting’s creative talent management team is involved in over 100 recruitments for Sting companies each year, making it Sweden’s largest recruitment service dedicated only to startups.


Andreas Wennberg

Andreas is our head of talent management.
073-811 81 71

Sara Bjelkstam

Sara coaches our companies in team development.

Gustav Dalén

Gustav is our Talent Acquisition Specialist.