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Test Drive Climate & Energy

Sting Test Drive Climate & Energy is a practical training program for teams with innovative early-stage ideas in the climate and energy space ready to take action and turn their vision into reality.

The application deadline is extended to March 1.

Over four evening workshops, you and your team will test and develop your idea, receive hands-on support from Sting’s experienced business coaches, learn about startup essentials, get inspiration from peers and invited guests, and take the first steps toward bringing your idea to market.

Who should apply?

You’re in the right place if your idea helps move towards a greener future. Test Drive Climate & Energy targets idea-stage founder teams with innovations in areas such as renewable energy, energy systems and storage, energy efficiency, climate tech, carbon capture, mobility and green transport, bioeconomy, food- and agritech, sustainable materials, and circular economy, to name a few.

Sting Test Drive is for teams of a minimum of two founders that are too early to join Sting’s Incubate or Accelerate programs. The program is free-of-charge, but you and your team need to commit to joining all four workshops in person.

In Test Drive Climate & Energy you will meet other teams that, like you, want to help fight climate change, solve the energy crisis, and contribute towards a more sustainable future. You need to be open to sharing experiences and actively help each other.

What others say about us

    Sting Test Drive helped us understand what starting an innovation company would require from us. It was also our first entry to the start-up community including other companies, advisors and investors.

    Karin Habermann, Co-founder of Harvestmoon

    Sting Test Drive was the trigger that made me decide I want to build a company. I learnt a systematic method for iteratively assessing my business ideas – starting by getting out of the building.

    Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi, CEO and Co-founder of Rebase Energy and Greenlytics

    The coaches guide and help you find the way forward, they don’t tell you what to do. In the end, I’m the one who makes the decisions.


Theory mixed with practice

Sting Test Drive Climate & Energy intersperses theory with practice. During the workshops, Sting’s experienced coaches will work closely with you to help you move forward with your idea. We’ll place a particular emphasis on the challenges that climate and energy startups often face.

Four evening workshops

The workshops focus on startup-critical areas, including business models, sales and go-to-market strategies, building your team, measuring impact, financing your startup, and pitching.

The workshops will focus on interaction, feedback, and peer-to-peer learning, and working closely with Sting’s business coaches.

Between each workshop, you’ll be given tasks to complete and receive individual support from Sting’s coaches.

At the grand finale, everyone will pitch their idea to a jury, and the “Best Pitch” will be selected.

The details

What: Four hands-on evening workshops. Tasks, preparations, and individual coaching between the workshops.

Where: The workshops will take place at Sting’s office in A house at Östermalmsgatan 26A in Stockholm.

Timeline: Application deadline 1 March. Acceptance notification 8 March. Four mandatory workshops at 16.30-20.30 on March 15 and 22 and April 5 and 19.

Who can apply: The program is for idea-stage founder teams with a unique climate or energy innovation/solution. We like to see diverse and mixed-gender founder teams that consist of 2-3 people. Teams from anywhere in Sweden are welcome to apply, but you need to be able to join the four workshops in Stockholm in person.

Cost: Sting Test Drive is completely free. Your only contribution is your time and a burning commitment.

Admission: 10-15 companies/projects will be accepted.

Secrecy: All participants and organizers sign a confidentiality agreement. No information about the business concept, technology or participant names will be shared outside the program without your consent.

Meet your Sting coaches

Sting Test Drive Climate & Energy is run by experienced entrepreneurs and business coaches who have helped build and scale many successful climate, green tech, and energy startups.

Karin Ruiz Sting

Karin Ruiz

Karin coaches ClimateTech and DeepTech startups.
070-645 78 04

Boel Swartling, Sting sustaintech coach

Boel Rydenå Swartling

Boel is coaching ClimateTech startups within the mobility sector.

Thomas Öström sustaintech coach at Sting

Thomas Öström

Thomas coaches ClimateTech and clean energy startups.

Jonas Lindqvist

Jonas coaches Gaming, Climate- and DeepTech companies.
070-350 49 69

Magnus Rehn

Magnus coaches ClimateTech startups.
070-512 05 48

Program partners

Sting Test Drive Climate & Energy is part of Sustainable Energy Action – a joint initiative between Sting, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, THINGS , and Ignite Sweden to speed up the commercialization of new energy and climate-related innovations, so they can start making more significant impact, faster. The Swedish Energy Agency funds the initiative.

  1. March 1, 2023

    Application deadline

  2. March 8, 2023

    Acceptance notification

  3. March 15, 2023

    16:30-20:30 - Workshop 1

  4. March 22, 2023

    16:30-20:30 - Workshop 2

  5. April 5, 2023

    16:30-20:30 - Workshop 3

  6. April 19, 2023

    16:30-20:30 - Workshop 4