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The application for Sting Accelerate and Sting Incubate starting spring -23 is now closed.

However, you can still submit a late application which may be reviewed at our discretion.

Sting is for promising startups with either a launched product or service who are looking to scale (Sting Accelerate) or startups with an existing prototype who will be ready to launch in the next 6-18 months (Sting Incubate and Sting Incubate Deeptech).

What others say about us

    We've received tremendous support and guidance. With the help from the coaches, we’ve been able to focus on the right things and move rapidly towards our goals.

    Johanna Norrman, It's Re:Leased

    Sting helped us get pre-seed capital and connect us with investors. It was definitely an important period for us of intense and focused work that made us learn at a rapid pace.

    Elsa Bernadotte, Karma

    It’s super important to have people who can vouch for you, especially in the early stages. Having the backing of Sting made it easier to attract both capital and new team members.

    Michael Arnör, Sellpy

What you get

Sting offers the most extensive startup support ecosystem in the Europe, including personalized coaching, financing, office space, recruitment support and a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

With Sting’s help, you significantly increase your chances of success. Over 19 years we’ve helped 350+ companies – and over 70% of them are still thriving today.

We work with startups in different stages, from idea to paying customers and recurring revenue. And we’re with you every step of the way – even long after your program ends.

Here’s what you get:

Meet your coaches

To give your team and your business maximum support, we have a fantastic lineup of business coaches. They are experienced entrepreneurs and business developers within different verticals and sectors, including SaaS, fintech, health, and sustaintech – within both B2B and B2C.

Below are the coaches you’ll spend the most time with, but you can expect a strong commitment and close support from our whole team.

Fredrik Rosengren

Fredrik coaches SaaS and software/services companies.
070-881 39 95

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Johanna Wollert Melin

Johanna coaches HealthTech companies.
070-234 60 41

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Karin Ruiz Sting

Karin Ruiz

Karin coaches ClimateTech and DeepTech startups.
070-645 78 04

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Magnus Rehn

Magnus coaches ClimateTech startups.
070-512 05 48

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Krim Talia

Krim coaches companies within HealthTech and DeepTech.
070-973 26 65

Cecilia Bratt

Cecilia coaches SaaS and software startups, and specializes in B2B marketing.

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Raoul Stubbe

Raoul coaches deeptech companies.
070-655 27 74

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Jonas Lindqvist

Jonas coaches Gaming, Climate- and DeepTech companies.
070-350 49 69

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Olof Berglund

Olof coaches HealthTech companies.
070-635 98 15

The hard way. Smarter and faster.

Twice a year, Sting accepts 12-15 handpicked companies onto our accelerate and incubate programs. Depending on where you are on your startup journey, we’ll decide which program is best for you after reviewing your application. 

Hard facts

Admission: 2 batches per year, 12-15 startups per batch

Length: Minimum four months, maximum 24 months (depending on where you are on your startup journey).

Cost: We have a “success fee” model in the form of stock warrants to Sting. Read more about this here.

Investment from Propel Capital: SEK 500 000 convertible note (in addition to Sting’s warrant).

Requirements: Launched prototype/alpha. Founding team of minimum two people.