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NEWS December 11, 2019

Prion will digitize preschool – Nordic VC and Swedish star entrepreneurs invest

The preschool app Prion raises SEK 4.4 million and expands its ownership circle. In addition to existing owners Skype founder Niklas Zennström, Klarna founder Sebastian Siemiatkowski and King founder Sebastian Knutsson,, who steps in as a new owner, also participates.

Other new investors include Simon Josefsson, early investor in Internet security company Yubico, WES founder Anna Stenberg, former NHL professional Mattias Weinhandl and Propel Capital.

Prion is a platform fully adapted for the preschool and to make administration and parent communication effective and safe. Today, many preschools lack support systems, even for the most basic processes, which creates unnecessary administration. Prion saves time for the staff, improves the decision-making basis for managers and enables parents to participate in their child’s development and learning in an easy way.

The money from the investment will go to expand within sales, to be able to spread the service at a faster pace, and product, to be able to develop the platform faster.

– We will now expand the operating team and the owner side to gain even more expertise and, above all, hands that can contribute to our growth. The fact that, among others, has come in and taken an active ownership role feels great and valuable, says Fredrika Bernadotte, co-founder and CEO of Prion.

The company has already broadened the team through the star recruitment of Eskil Andréen Rydberg, former co-founder, technology and information security manager at startup Wrapp.

– We are incredibly happy to have Eskil come to us! Among other things, Eskil has extensive experience in security issues and technical integrations, which are incredibly important areas for us, says Fredrika Bernadotte.

Prion was launched in the fall of 2017 since then, the number of pre-schools on the platform has grown from 10 to several hundred, with a majority of paying customers.

Prion was started as a communication service for preschools and parents. But now the company has also broadened the platform to include a payment version for educational documentation. In 2019, more functions to solve administrative problems for preschools and parents will be launched.

– We see a great demand for an easy-to-use app that is fully adapted for the preschool. Many preschools nowadays are content with platforms built for the school, although the needs differ considerably. This affects staff and parents daily through more administration, and in the end, the children become the big losers – they lose valuable time with their educators and proximity to their parents. Let’s change this!, says Fredrika Bernadotte.

– Our goal is to be the world’s best platform for preschool and reduce the administrative burden for preschool staff and managers so that they can focus on the children and the business, says Fredrika Bernadotte.

Prion is today mainly active in Sweden but intends to expand to more markets in the coming years.

– There is an incredible amount of systematic work that can improve childcare. As soon as someone takes care of someone else’s child, there is a wealth of information that needs to be handled and transmitted. Many people look toward Swedish childcare and in the long term we want to help more markets improve the quality of their operations, but now it is the focus on Sweden. There is a very exciting shift happening right now where we see that more and more preschool companies are setting their own requirements on the platforms they will use, and are breaking away from being in the shadow of the school. It is healthy and a necessity to offer the best possible education to the children, says Fredrika Bernadotte.

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