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NEWS February 9, 2015

Peppy Pals Beach − the new mobile children’s game where the whole society wins!


On an app market saturated by seemingly silly entertainment, there are still game developers trying to make a difference. The digital games studio Peppy Pals want to enhance children’s ability to socialize and develop their emotional intelligence. Today, they are launching their second game − Peppy Pals Beach, in which a group of animal friends help and support each other in a lovely beach environment.

Their first, award-winning game with the same name as the game studio itself, ”Peppy Pals”, is aimed at children 2-6 years and is about empathy, friendship and emotions. It is a point-and-click adventure where kids by clicking and dragging on the screen can help a group of animal friends in different situations. The new game, “Peppy Pals Beach”, launched today for iOS and will be available on February 17th for Amazon and Google Play.

Research shows that emotional intelligence (EQ) is an important factor for success and happiness in life, and reduces the likelihood to bully others or risk to be bullied.

− We want to help future generations and make it possible for young children to, in a fun and enjoyable way, develop their emotional intelligence even before they start school − to decrease bullying and exclusion in the world, says Rosie Linder, CEO and founder of Peppy Pals.

Peppy Pals want to reach out globally and use neither text nor language in the games, focusing instead on high quality graphics and simple but meaningful interactions. Emotions are, after all, universal, says Rosie Linder.

− In an early study of Peppy Pals, we saw that children engaged themselves physically and emotionally in the game. I think the game explores new possibilities for learning that are not often used in computer game design, says Annika Waern, professor of human-computer interaction at Uppsala University.

Peppy Pals (formerly eQidz) was founded in 2013 in Stockholm and is a digital game studio that focuses on combining emotional intelligence and entertainment in mobile apps for children. The company now also provides teaching materials with Nature & Culture as publisher, with the vision to involve parents and teachers in the children’s emotional development. With two daughters growing up in the digital era, Rosie Linder founded Peppy Pals with the dream of creating high-quality children’s games that is both fun and educational. The company co-founder is the award-winning game developers Talawa Games.

Peppy Pals reviews
”One of the most innovative Swedish game in years.” − Thomas Arnroth, well-known critic of Computer Games
”It actually works!” − SVT Gomorron Sweden
”Highly recommended! Charming animals inspire discussions about feelings and empathy.” − PappasAppar
”It’s smart, well-designed and unique.” − Smatoos
”Good storytelling app that helps children develop their emotional skills.” − GeeksWithJuniors
”My son loved to play through scenario after scenario after scenario…” – Geekmummy’s App Talk

Some of Peppy Pals awards and recognitions
− Listed as ”featured app” worldwide by Amazon and Sony Mobile
− Ranked top 3 on Internetworld’s list of Sweden’s hottest startups in 2014
− Nominated for Guldmobilen 2014 by Mobile Business
− Winner of Reach For Change, ”Sweden’s toughest competition for social entrepreneurs”
− Winner of the People’s Choice award the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet’s competition ”Entrepreneur of the Furture”

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