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NEWS December 16, 2014

Optistring gets 15 MSEK in conditional loan from the Swedish Energy Agency for innovative inverter for solar panels


Optistring Technologies has developed an innovative inverter for photovoltaic panels that have high efficiency, low cost and can be integrated on the panel. The Swedish Energy Agency supports the development of the technology with a conditional loan of about 15 million SEK.

Optistring has constructed an inverter for photovoltaic systems, which solves many of the problems that can occur with series-connected photovoltaic panels. The expansion of photovoltaic systems has changed in recent years by a shift from large parks to the roof or façade installations, particularly in Europe and the US.

Optistring’s technology can be integrated into the panel and provides a higher efficiency than many competitors. Each solar panel can be controlled and monitored individually. Photovoltaic panels can be used to the maximum for any given solar radiation, even when they are in the shade, which means that up to 25 percent more energy can be utilized. The inverter also has fewer components, resulting in lower weight and lower price than many other systems, as more advanced adjustments are done in the software.

The company will use the Energy Agency’s loan to prepare for a more large-scale production. The technology is intended for panel manufacturers with high standards of quality and reliability. The price of solar panels has decreased at a rapid pace in recent years and the industry is characterized by low margins and profitability problems.

− Overall, the potential of Optistring’s technology is considered good, both in terms of cost and functionality. They can also meet manufacturers’ desire to increase their margins and thereby increase profitability. The technology also meets the increasing demands for security, says Joachim Jämttjärn, Business Developer at the Swedish Energy Agency.

Optistring Technologies was formed in 2011 by researchers and entrepreneurs with extensive experience in industrial electronics, focusing on power electronics. The company was part of STING 2012-2013. One of the founders is currently completing research in power electronics at KTH. The team currently consists of eight employees, two working directors and two senior advisors, all with relevant background from the electronics and solar industry.

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