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On-demand support from the Sting team

In addition to your personal coach, you have access to the whole Sting team and their knowledge and experience. Below you find a list of their areas of expertise and direct links to book a meeting with them.

Finance & IR Coaching

Book a meeting with Maria

Maria Ljungberg

Maria is CEO of Propel Capital and Director of Investor Relations.
070-836 22 31

Team Development

Book a meeting with Sara (Wednesdays at 11-13)

Sara Bjelkstam

Sara coaches our companies in team development.

Talent Acquisition

Book a meeting with Andreas

Andreas Wennberg

Andreas is our head of talent management.
073-811 81 71

Shareholder’s Agreement, SDG Impact Assessment, Sustainability Scaleup Workshop & Business modelling in Mural

Book a meeting with Karin

Karin Ruiz Sting

Karin Ruiz

Karin coaches ClimateTech and DeepTech startups.
070-645 78 04

Financing & Commercial contacts

Book a meeting with Pär

Pär Hedberg

Pär is the founder and CEO of Sting. He also coaches DeepTech and ClimateTech companies.
070-855 03 18


Book a meeting with Jonas

Jonas Lindqvist

Jonas coaches Gaming, Climate- and DeepTech companies.
070-350 49 69

IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)

Book a meeting with Raoul

Raoul Stubbe

Raoul coaches deeptech companies.
070-655 27 74

Budgeting and cash flow management

Book a meeting with Magnus

Magnus Rehn

Magnus coaches ClimateTech startups.
070-512 05 48