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NEWS April 2, 2017 is launched to eliminate the filter bubbles and “fake news”

On 2 April, on the International Fact Checking Day, was launched – a news app and community that show more perspectives on the news and let the readers influence the news reporting.

Today, the credibility of the news media is challenged by filter bubbles, by concerns about media bias and false news that fills our social media feeds. The newly launched app Newsvoice takes a new approach to battle these challenges.

– In recent years, the polarization of society has increased and the confidence in the news media are at record low levels. We are building a news app that will provide a more complete and nuanced picture of the world, says Viktor Lidholt, CEO and founder of Newsvoice.

Viktor Lidholt left Google in Silicon Valley to create Newsvoice. His experience from Google has been valuable in many ways, especially beause Newsvoice is the first app ever built with Google’s new framework

The technology behind Newsvoice scans, analyzes and automatically categorizes the news from hundreds of sources – from the mass media, foreign media and independent media – but ultimately it is the readers who by discussing and voting on the news, determine what is worth reading.

Newsvoice is aimed at an English-speaking audience from the start, mainly in the United States to begin with.

– It is natural for us to start in the US. Everyone on the team has lived in the United States and experienced the difference in news between different media, but we hope to quickly expand our coverage to other markets, says Viktor.

– If you read about the crisis in Syria on, you can for example see different perspectives from the US, Russia and the Middle East. If you read about American politics, you see a left, a right and a foreign perspective. By showing more perspectives, we hope to combat the filter bubbles that have become a major problem in social media, continues Viktor.

Readers can affect almost everything in the news, both which news stories are at the top of the app and perspectives, headlines and images that best represent the news. Newsvoice is news reporting crowdsourced and democratized.

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