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NEWS November 19, 2014

New online IBS school helps more people to a calm stomach

Sofia_Jeanette_Now Sweden’s first web-based IBS school has launched. It will give more people access to FODMAP, the effective dietary treatment of gastric disorder IBS. As many as 1.5 million Swedes consider themselves to be suffering from IBS, which produces pain, gas and bloating. The school is developed by dietician and IBS expert Sofia Antonsson who has worked with FODMAP diet therapy for many years and has helped thousands of people with IBS to a better life.

IBS is affected by two major factors − diet and lifestyle. Previously, dietary treatment of IBS has been generalized and vague, but the FODMAP diet therapy has been an effective tool for reducing symptoms. FODMAP is scientifically studied and helps about 75 percent of those who try it and focuses on the exclusion of carbohydrates that ferment in the gut. The treatment has been used by dietitians in Australia, the US and UK, and has through Sofia Anton’s work spread to Sweden.

The online IBS school is based on the same proven concept that has been used in clinical work and has follows a proven, unique approach that combines nutrition therapy FODMAP with stress management, breathing exercises and mindfulness.

− The demand for treatment has been rising in recent years and we have often been asked by people around Sweden if this school is available on the Internet. So we decided to launch the IBS school online so that more people will be able to get help, says Sofia Antonsson.

IBSfri AB is run by dieticians Sofia Antonsson and Jeanette Steijer. The company operates the site and an app with the same name. Earlier this year, the cookbook “Calm stomach with good food” was released, which sold over 8.000 copies. The sequel to the book released in January 2015. IBSfri is a leader in the dietary management of IBS in Sweden and has trained a large part of the dieticians in Sweden. The company’s vision is to spread knowledge about the disease so that more people can be helped.

> Read more about IBSfri and the online IBS school (in Swedish)


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