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NEWS September 15, 2016

New machine-learning technology provides media coverage of spoken content


Today Signal Signal launched their service, which can be described as a “Google for voice media”. The newly established company will help customers identify brand ambassadors and collect and analyze mentions in podcasts, radio, TV and Youtube channels. Microsoft is the first customer.

The audio specialist innovation duo Tor Rauden Källstigen and Håkan Waara, previously known from the highly acclaimed mobile podcast studio Opinions and pod curating app Aurora, now takes on the challenge to capture media coverage of the spoken media.

Media coverage of the written word is a staple on the web. But when you want to get an overview of spoken content on Youtube and on radio, TV and podcasts, the options are few. What existing services have in common is that their coverage is done manually, by people who listen to TV and radio broadcasts in real time. Old-fashioned, expensive and imprecise, says the founders of Signal Signal.

– This is an old-fashioned industry that is ready to be revolutionized. We know everything that is said in the media, and can provide a lightning-fast analysis of massive amounts of data from podcasts, radio, TV and Youtube – and everything is done digitally, says Tor Rauden Källstigen, co-founder and CEO of Signal Signal.

Every day Signal Signal automatically captures hundreds of hours of audio. Media is gathered through a unique indexer, which then sends the content to speech-to-text analysis. Then, the service can present conclusions about the overall trends and provide deeper insight into vast amounts of data.

– It is very exciting to have the spoken word meet the most prominent machine-learning technology in the world, and that makes Signal Signal unique in its kind, says Håkan Waara, co-founder and CTO of Signal Signal.

Signal Signal has been very well received by the market even before the launch. Microsoft is the first customer.

– Signal Signal has filled a void in our media monitoring where we previously had to look up, listen and watch pods and videos to know if our brand or products are mentioned. It is a flexible tool and a useful complement to both our community monitoring and influencer relations, says Johanna Snickars, Head of Communications at Microsoft.

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