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NEWS November 13, 2014

New elegant headphone enters the lifestyle market


Several lifestyle brands have launched on the headphone market in recent years, but there has been none with a style that corresponds with tasteful fashion and clothing brands like Ralph Lauren, Morris and GANT. Until now. Today, Sudio is launched, the elegant headphones with studio sound to a third of the market price.

That the market was lacking elegant headphones was something three young Swedish guys discovered when they couldn’t find headphones that suited their own style. So they decided to develop the product they wanted to buy and wear like an accessory every day, themselves.

− We decided early on to create a product that would not only look very elegant, but also sonically perform as a brand priced at $200, but to a third of the price. We knew immediately that we had to cut off the middle hands and become an e-commerce company, says Jonas Wistrand, co-founder and head of sales at Sudio.

Sudio released its first model, KLANG, in early 2014. Now it is re-launched, this time with an upgraded design and a better sound. The re-launch of Sudio begins this week, at the same time as the new model, TVÅ, is also launched.

KLANG headphones come in four sizes of earbuds and both models are equipped with a mic and accompanying metalclip and a matching leather case.

The name of the headphones, Sudio, comes from an incident when one of the founders in the startup phase was in New York and happened to run into Phil Collins, who was having problems with his headphones. They made eye contact, but since there yet was not a finished product, or even a product name, all he could say to Phil was, “Trust me, I know the feeling.” As the founder could not offer a better alternative and show a better looking and more affordable product, the founders decided after the bittersweet meeting to name the company after the Phil Collins song “Sussudio”, determined that one day succeed.

Sudio KLANG will be available online November 12 at and in selected stores in Sweden, Japan and Taiwan.


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