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NEWS November 16, 2015

MYoroface teaches people how to eat and swallow again, wins Go Global Medtech


This week was the conclusion of Go Global Medtech, an annual internationalization program organized by STING. A jury of experienced people from the medtech industry appointed Myoroface as the company that has succeeded most successfully with its strategy to expand globally.

MYoroface offers a product called IQoro. It is a unique medical device with an accompanying training method that helps children and adults to regain the complex and vital functions such as being able to eat and swallow. It also makes a difference for people who are paralyzed in the throat or face, have diaphragmatic hernia, problems with speech, drooling, snoring, or have an abnormal bite and jaw development.

– Winning the award for the best internationalization plan feels amazing. It’s great to get such encouragement from this experienced jury. Now our next milestone is getting the product into the UK, says Linn Hägg, Sales and Marketing Director at MYoroface, who participated in the program with her sister Ylvali Gerling, CEO.

Medtech companies from all over Sweden participate in Go Global, which was held for the seventh consecutive year. The program consists of five interactive and intensive two-day sessions which combine lectures by experienced international speakers with their own work and case studies from the field. The sessions are carried out together with host companies within the medtech field, which have international operations.

– Go Global is a great program for the Swedish medical device industry. It is a platform to share experiences, which I think is the least we can do, says Sören Johansson, former business development manager at Elekta, who has hosted the prorgam for many years and is also on the jury for the final.

At the end of the program, the participating companies have a well thought out strategy of internationalization to present to the board, and good prospects of succeeding with internationalization.

– The Go Global program has now been completed for the seventh consecutive year and has contributed to many good Swedish medtech companies now selling their products globally, which is fantastic, says Olof Berglund, prorgam leader and business coach at STING (Stockholm Innovation & Growth) .

The companies that participated in the Go Global Medtech 2015 were MYoroface, Bioservo, Chordate Medical, Inerventions, PeXA, Quick Posture and Senzime.

The jury’s winning citation:

With a solidly substantiated product and a good analysis of the market that has resulted in a very focused plan for internationalization, MYoroface hereby wins.

Voices about Go Global Medtech:

“The program with hosting companies and experienced lecturers have given us invaluable knowledge about how the medtech industry in different countries of the world works in practice, what pitfalls we should try to avoid, and what time frame we have to reckon with. Interesting questions and experiences have been raised, discussed and shared together, both among hosting companies, lecturers and our participants, which meant that we got a lot from the program. With this new knowledge and contacts we head out soon on our journey out into the world with safer steps! ”
 Linn Hägg, Sales and Marketing Director, MYoroface, winner in 2015

“It is quite unique to be invited in a room where other experienced players share their knowledge, without any facades. We’ve heard large medtech companies tell their stories – they’ve also been small at one point. Here, everybody shares and it is absolutely invaluable. You also get amazing lectures. The whole Go Global program is very well planned out.”
 Mattias Gold Beach, CEO, Solutions for Tomorrow, the winner in 2014

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