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NEWS April 1, 2020

Mylad Chamoun, founder of Enerpoly, named ÅForsk Fellow 2020

Mylad Chamoun, founder of the battery company Enerpoly, has been named one of Sweden’s 10 most innovative entrepreneurs, and today receives the ÅForsk Entreprenör scholarship. This year’s fellows come from incubators and science parks across the country and the scholarship of SEK 200,000 aims to support the entrepreneur to realize his business concept.

Enerpoly develops rechargeable zinc ion batteries for large-scale energy storage. The technology consists of environmentally friendly, easily accessible and inexpensive raw materials that have an established and sustainable infrastructure for production and recycling today. It is based on zinc and manganese, similar to alkaline batteries used only once and then recycled.

– We have made big breakthroughs by making these batteries rechargeable. We have developed batteries with a life cycle of 2000 cycles that are 50% cheaper than the alternatives on the market today. Our solution will be found in households, real estate and even on a larger scale where the need for the most cost-effective energy storage for the integration of renewable energy is in demand, says Mylad Chamoun.

The technology and services that underpin the 10 chosen entrepreneurs’ ideas are rooted in research and development with a high level of innovation. The scholars have undergone a nomination process where business developers from regionally-based innovation environments across the country have had the opportunity to nominate entrepreneurs and the scholars are awarded the scholarship so that with their solutions, services and products they can create positive effects for social development.

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