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NEWS September 10, 2015

Moggles unveils new foldable VR headset, ships early 2016


The Swedish Virtual Reality company Moggles is revealing a sneak peek of its new version of the foldable headset. The Moggles headset has a fresh new look and several improved features. It is expected to be available in stores in early 2016.

Moggles is a foldable headset (the name comes from “mobile goggles”) that with a smartphone makes it possible via virtual reality technology to enter and experience other worlds. Moggles uses your smartphone as the magic maker as your smartphone is always accessible and has all the features to create a rich Virtual Reality experience.

The new version of the Moggles headset has several updated usability features, including a function that folds the headset into a hard case that protects the IPD settings and the lenses from scratches while not in use. With a thickness of only 40 mm in folded state, it can fit in your pocket and be brought anywhere.

The lens size is increased from 25 mm to 35 mm to get a wider field of view and an even greater VR experience. Furthermore, the new headset has a hatch in the front that reveals the smartphone camera for augmented reality usage and SLAM based positioning. On each side of the headset, there are openings to reach the charging port and the 3 mm headphone jack.

– We have listened to the community and made the Moggles headset compatible with phone display sizes up to 6 inches. We use a modern smartphone as the magic maker. It has all the power and functionality that is needed and is constantly under development, says CEO Daniel Sandvik.

– The Sony Z5 Premium, with its 4K display, is just one piece of evidence that smartphones are pushing new technology, which is great for Moggles and mobile VR in general, says Daniel.

Moggles is designed to be portable, lightweight and comfortable. The company was founded in 2013.

– We have worked in the VR field for a long time and we now have a great new product to present to the community. We recently showcased our unique foldable pocket VR solution at the annual tech conference, STHLM Tech Fest, and received great response, says Daniel.

– Our main focus right now, and for the fall, is to find the right resellers and distributors for the headset, says Daniel Sandvik.

Early adopters who can’t wait to get their hands on a headset can sign up for the newsletter on Moggles website and be the first to know when the headset is available for purchase.