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NEWS July 26, 2017

Moggles makes VR truly wearable

The Moggles VR headset is made to be truly portable. The foldable and lightweight design makes it easy to immerse yourself in virtual reality – wherever you are. Moggles is compatible with all smartphones and available in store at the price of €69.

The premium-looking design, choice of materials and matte finish give the headset a luxury feeling at an affordable price. What makes Moggles special is its ability to fold into a thin hard case, protecting the lenses, while you’re on the go. With a case thickness of no more than 50 mm, it can be brought anywhere as your perfect travel buddy.

– We have designed our VR headset to be wearable without compromising the necessary parameters for a comfortable VR experience: precise optics, comfortable fit and no light leaks, says Daniel Sandvik, Co-Founder and CEO at Moggles.

The lens size of 35 mm gives the user a wide field of view to increase the immersive feeling. The removable face foam allows for customization with different thicknesses to comfortably fit all facial shapes while also making it more hygienic.

The Moggles VR headset has a removable hatch in the front to reveal the smartphone camera for augmented reality (AR) usage. The VR headset is compatible with all smartphone brands with phone display sizes up to 6” size.

In a folded state, the case also offers a space for a hand controller and ear phones – tools to complete the VR experience and turn your headset into a VR console. The hand controler is also available in the webshop.

– Your smartphone is designed to provide accessible and portable entertainment wherever you are, whenever you want it. We believe that a portable, smartphone-based product, such as a Moggles, should fulfill the same criteria, says Sandvik.

Moggles, short for mobile goggles, is a Virtual Reality Console made to fit your pocket. It gives you an easy and accessible way of exploring the possibilities of head-mounted displays and virtual reality. Moggles is using modern smartphones as the magic maker, smartphones that constantly are under improvement to give you a better VR experience. Moggles is a Scandinavian brand based in Stockholm and Sundsvall, Sweden.

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