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NEWS December 19, 2016

Microsoft and Aifloo start collaboration on AI and eHealth


Microsoft and Aifloo has initiated a collaboration in the field of bio-inspired Artificial Intelligence within the healthcare sector. Aifloo will leverage and infuse different cognitive services within the Micrsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite in their products and services.

– We see this as a very interesting partnership. Together with Microsoft we think we can experience the full potential of Aifloo’s ground-breaking technique for real-time AI analysis, says Michael Collaros, CEO at Aifloo.

The challenges with highly increasing healthcare costs due to population growth the number of people in the EU aged 65 and over are set to double by 2050 creates a need for innovative and disruptive solutions. One savior could be personal technologies such as mobile phones, apps, wearables and personal computers, which have the potential to dramatically improve health results. Combined with artificial intelligence, these technologies may digitally transform the healthcare sector.

This is a very promising collaboration. If Stockholm and Sweden want to be at the forefront of e-health we need to highlight and help innovative companies with interesting ideas to scale to a global market, says Mathias Ekman, responsible for business development in healthcare at Microsoft.

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