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NEWS December 22, 2016

Match2One raises an additional 3 MSEK, aims for increased growth in new markets


Ad-tech company Match2One has had a successful journey since its inception in the spring. The company has raised SEK 6 MSEK and is now raising an additional 3 MSEK and doubles their valuation. Behind the investment is among others Bo Mattsson, Johan Sahlstrand and Lars Lindgren. Match2One currently has 17 employees at offices in Stockholm, London and Kiev.

Now Match2One accelerates the growth rate with their “programmatic advertising” platform. Their self-service product helps small, medium-sized e-retailers and media agencies to enhance their digital advertising, actively drive relevant traffic and increase online sales. Through the platform, advertisers access interactive reports and can thus follow up on how their campaigns are received and how sales increase. Interest in the product is great and today the company works with customers Confident Living and Stronger among others.

– Match2One’s growth strategy continues to deliver results – we grow mainly on new markets, new via customers and strategic partnerships. We want to increase the growth rate to strengthen our position in the ever-changing ad-tech market, says CEO and co-founder Michael Krueger.

According to Match2One, it is difficult for smaller players to use programmatic because existing solutions are reserved for larger companies and require high minimum investments, long-term contracts and are difficult to manage. Match2One’s newly launched service enables advertisers to easily get started with no minimum investment, and they takes only 8 percent in a so-called technology fee.

– Complex platforms require you to have staff that can handle them. We want to offer a simple product which you create ads and promotions for yourself – and thus has full control. Programmatic is still difficult and inaccessible to many, and we want to change, says Michael Krueger.

The goal for Match2One is to democratize automated trading of digital ad space on the global arena, and be a driving force for small and medium-sized advertisers. The company analyzes and profiles customer behavior online to understand the individual needs of consumers. That enables the platform to automatically optimize display advertising that engages consumers by delivering the right ad, at the right time, in right place.

– This is incredibly valuable for our customers, which are mainly small and medium-sized companies, because they can quickly target ads more effectively and more quickly achieve their campaign goals, says Michael Krueger.

Match2One sees an increasing demand for their product and their ambition, as before, is to achieve continued high sales growth next year. The number of employees will increase, and the company will adapt to the new rules of the game in new markets. Thus, they predict higher costs and a greater need for investment in 2017 than the previous year.

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Match2One was part of STING Accelerate in spring 2016. Read more about the program here.