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Marketing, PR & communications

With clever and effective marketing, you can early on communicate your business and product to targeted groups in order to generate demand and leads.

Sting has communication coaches who have built personal relationships with Sweden’s tech media and other relevant journalists.

  • Marketing plan: You will get help to create a basic marketing plan. Why should we communicate (what’s the purpose)? When, through which channels, and with what message should we reach out to our different audiences? What’s our identity when communicating?
  • Digital marketing: What channels should we use? How do we create content? How do we work best with influencer marketing? SEO/SEM? How do we measure results?
  • Social media: Where is our target audience? How do we create a social media strategy? How do we create campaigns on Facebook, Linkedin, etc.?
  • PR and journalist contacts: You get access to Sting’s established relationships with tech media, help writing press releases, pitch to reporters and spread news via Mynewsdesk and Sting’s other digital channels.