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NEWS December 16, 2016

LUP Technologies makes breakthrough for safer and more efficient transports


Since last summer, the large transportation company Begoma uses a new platform – LUP NUMBER – to ensure that all drivers always have the right and current information. It is already producing results.

LUPNUMBER® is a cloud-based information solution that provides each workplace that handles goods with its own website. It has all the relevant information for transportation companies’ drivers, readily accessible in their mobiles. Thus they always find the exact right way and know what they need to know about every workplace. The entire logistics chain becomes simpler and more efficient.

– And, above all, safer, says Jakob Armö, founder and CEO of LUP Technologies. Each driver gets access to the safety guidelines that apply in every workplace. It serves like a short and effective safety training. The driver acknowledges that the information is read and he is cleared to enter the area. This means both that site owners meet the legal requirement to inform about safety regulations, and that the number of accidents and incidents are reduced and in time actually might be eliminated.

In 2016, LUP Technologies gained the trust of many new customers and can confirm that all the major forest companies are now using LUPNUMBER®. Addionally, more and more transport companies also use it. One of them is Begoma, which with its base in Malmö takes care of the heavy transports for the Swedish industry and commerce, and drives across Europe and other countries such as Iran, the US and Brazil.

– We strongly believe in this, as far as I know there is no similar solution anywhere in the world. We have already noticed how customers using LUP NUMBER, mainly within steel, paper and wood, are more satisfied with how the transportations work. The drivers know exactly where they are going, the relevant safety rules and so on, says Begoma CEO Henrik Malmberg.

Henrik Malmberg says that the industry needs to improve both on efficiency and safety and that a better exchange of information with its customers is a condition. With LUPNUMBER®, he believes that there is a solution in place that literally saves lives and allows site owners to avoid accidents and thus be prosecuted in court.

– With insufficient information, it is easy for our drivers to drive the wrong way or arrive at the wrong time. Something as simple as knowing what times a particular workplace is staffed can be of great importance. And it is precisely those details that are often missed when we get our assignments, says Henrik Malmberg.

The trend really took off this year and it is clear that the interest is increasing in many industries. Much indicates that 2017 will be a true breakthrough year for LUP Technologies with a multiplying number of workplaces that use LUPNUMBER®.

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