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Sustaintech December 1, 2020

Loved by conscious brands, yayloh reduces online returns by 50%

yayloh is a post-purchase and return management SaaS platform which collects and analyses data in real time for online retailers. With the information, the platform helps brands lower returns by up to 50 percent.

Sophie Aubard, cofounder and CEO, yayloh

yayloh is also designed to help retailers own their brand post-purchase, build trust through swift refunds and branded notifications, and develop a direct relationship with their customers – all which make for a memorable and distinctive buyer experience.

One of yayloh’s customers, the retail store Grandpa, could, after only two weeks of sales of a new pair of sneakers, detect that 50 percent of the orders were being returned, highly driven by “too small” as the reason. It allowed the brand to quickly change the product description online, which resulted in returns decreasing by half. 

The same result is being observed at the online retailer Eytys.

– Collecting customer feedback has never been so easy and it is extremely valuable to our production team and will allow them to improve product descriptions and more for our coming collections, says Louise Reznik, e-commerce Manager at Eytys.

yayloh was founded with a fundamentally new vision for what can be achieved when it comes to returns. The company offers an efficient way to gather the feedback retailers need to reduce their returns, increase customer satisfaction and, consequently, drive long-term loyalty and profitability. 

– Online sales are booming! And I strongly believe that most customers who are buying online just want the right product in the right size. Brands that will focus on serving their customers perfectly well and turning them into die-hard fans will be the most profitable and emerge as winners, says Sophie Aubard, founder and CEO of yayloh.

By lowering returns, yayloh helps brands move closer to their sustainability goals. But what’s more, by offering a fuss-free in-store return experience with yayloh, brands can engage and encourage their customers to walk to the store and further reduce CO2 emissions by not sending it back by mail. 

In the retail industry today, with a heavy focus on sustainability coupled with a strong growth of e-commerce, yayloh sees a strong interest from retailers who want to build a strong brand online with sustainability as a core value.

– We see that our product is the preferred option for brands who care deeply about customer experience and sustainability and we are gaining traction in this category. We just signed with Barkalot, a new, exciting dog accessories brand selling exclusively products made from vegan leather or recycled plastic bottles. We are also working with the first 100% vegan children’s brand in Europe, Babymocs”, Sophie Aubard. 

In addition to Sweden, the platform is also gaining customers in other European markets like Norway, Italy and France, where yayloh will for example implement the solution at a leading DNVB, digitally native vertical brand, with a turnover of SEK 80 million online in January 2021, showing the potential of the platform to scale outside of Sweden from day 1.

yayloh is a next-generation post-purchase and return management SaaS platform. The platform is beautifully designed, easy to use for retailers and customers, and extremely easy to integrate. It increases customer satisfaction, helps customer service teams process returns faster and better, and offers first-hand data insights to reduce returns. The two co-founders, Sophie Aubard and Nikhil Shikarkhane, combine solid backgrounds within retail and data science. The company is backed by Antler VC, Propel Capital and Sting.

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