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NEWS November 1, 2014

Liveguide releases new iPhone app Noclip


Liveguide is gearing up for a new App Store release this month. The company has been working hard on creating a technology for sorting live video from all over the world, and are now ready to try it on the power users of live broadcasting on the Internet; gamers.

The average gaming viewer is consuming over 20 hours of live content every week and the amount of content is increasing every day. With live gaming being a hugely popular and fast-growing industry, Liveguide will soon release its second app for iPhone, ”Noclip”, which will help gamers navigate the jungle of live video content online.

Featuring live gaming from Twitch, Azubu, Hitbox, Ustream and more, Noclip collects and sorts through more than 1 million live channels. The app helps you create a personal guide that gives you recommendations and notifications on live gaming events, broadcasts and competitions.

Noclip will be available on the iPhone App Store globally on November 17th. Until then, keep an eye on @noclipapp on Twitter.

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