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NEWS September 7, 2020

List: Meet the 15 new startups accepted to Sting

The accelerator Sting has carefully chosen 15 innovative tech startups to join its programs. Today, the entrepreneurs met for the first time and kicked off an intense fall where they will be challenged and pushed to reach results. The companies offer solutions ranging from rechargeable zinc-ion batteries and sustainable laundry products to cashflow management and subscription to interactive children’s books.

Sting provides entrepreneurs who are solving pressing problems with financing support, coaching and the networks they need to faster and smarter reach their goals. The 15 new companies were selected from a total of 170 applications.

– We are thrilled to see such a great group of startups joining Sting. Several of the companies are tech-heavy and many have a clear focus on sustainability. I am really looking forward to working with these impressive founders who have deep industry knowledge from their respective business fields, says Fredrik Rosengren, business coach at Sting.

One of the new companies is Brilea, a circular fashion innovation company. Their goal is to launch bio-RESTORE, a revolutionary laundry product for home consumers that restores used garments to their original state.

– With Sting’s collective knowledge and expertise, we aim to build a strong foundation for continued growth and bring bio-RESTORE to consumers around the world to help fight unnecessary fashion waste, says Wajahat Hussain, cofounder and CEO at Brilea.

Propel Capital, the investment company connected to Sting, invests SEK 400,000 in all startups accepted to Accelerate. The startups in Incubate can also receive the investment after a period of evaluation. In addition to the investment itself, the entrepreneurs gain direct access to the 40 business angels backing Propel Capital, as well as their networks.

Furthermore, the teams receive tailored coaching in business development, financing and recruitment, and gain access to Sting’s extensive international network of investors and partners. They also get free office space at A house, which helps to build a strong community with each other and the Sting team.

Another new company is Acty Technologies, which helps investors influence companies in a sustainable direction.

– We have the ambition to grow really fast while at Sting, with the goal of doubling both sales and the number of sustainable initiatives every month. We applied to get support, capital and guidance at the beginning of Acty’s journey. We believe that the coaches will be key partners who help us identify new ways to grow and contribute with a wide network of investors and potential customers, says Frida Femling, co-founder of Acty.

The following startups were selected for Sting Incubate:

Brilea is a circular fashion innovation company. Their first market-ready product is bio-RESTORE, a revolutionary laundry product for home consumers that restores used garments to their original state, and aims to reduce unnecessary fashion waste. The company is founded by a team of experts within sustainability, design, material science, material engineering, digitization and product commercialization to market.

EdAI Technologies builds the future of education. Their solution edAider is the next generation AI-based learning platform. It unlocks the value of data and analytics and provides adaptive learning and teaching possibilities. EdAI’s solution is a first of its kind hybrid analytics platform and it is uniquely tailored to support learning and teaching in traditional physical classrooms as well as in distance education.

Enerpoly Sustainable batteries to enable 100% renewable energy. Enerpoly will revolutionize stationary energy storage solutions by innovating in critical battery components. Their ground-breaking rechargeable zinc-ion batteries makes 100% renewables possible on a global scale. It is the cleanest, safest, most sustainable and most affordable energy storage solution on the planet.

Evolar increases solar panels’ power yield by 25 percent. The company will develop and commercialize a manufacturing technology for solar panel manufacturers – the next generation of solar panels with the highest efficiency at a low cost. Their technology consists of a perovskite solar cell coated on the front glass of a conventional solar panel.

iPercept Plug & play automation of machine diagnostics. IPercept Technology empowers manufacturing companies to accelerate the sustainable growth of equipment utilization on an unprecedented scale. Downtime and scrap-rate is significantly reduced through the introduction of plug & play automation of diagnostics and condition monitoring. IPercept’s solution provides powerful insights with utilizing high-end inertial sensor technology, a patent-pending test procedure and advanced industrial analytics algorithms.

Kollin helps university students nail their exams. They offer a learning platform that gathers and organizes university course material to give students a manageable and stimulating digital learning experience.

Paradiset 2.0 builds the food market of the future. At, you as a member will be able to buy healthy and sustainable food at Sweden’s best prices. They buy directly from the manufacturer without intermediaries so you can shop at great discounts! They only select the best products from manufacturers they know so that you can always be confident with your choices. Backend, frontend & hosting in a single line of code. Stackend is hosted web functionality that you embed in your project. It is domain agnostic and integrates seamlessly into your existing solution or works as a stand-alone. It is not an iframe, it acts as your code, it feels like magic and we call it Code Streaming™.

The following startups were selected for Sting Accelerate:

Acty helps investors to influence companies to take a sustainable direction. Acty’s engagement management platform helps investors stay focused on the mission to drive sustainable change. The platform provides easier access to data, automated statistics and a network of investors that facilitate collaboration.

Allihoop Flexible urban co-living – where people can belong. Allihoop is a co-living brand that shapes and provides new ways of living in cities for young professionals.

Atlas streamlines property management through an open and scalable platform. Through built-in integrations, data digitalization and automatic data handling, real estate companies can, in a powerful way, oversee and manage their assets. With a REST API, Atlas makes sure that the platform is open and that the customer always can access their own data, perhaps to make own integrations with other systems.

bizzcoo The tech hub for the gig economy. bizzcoo provides a seamless consulting business system. They make consultancy companies faster and more efficient and provide the business tools you need as a freelancer. bizzcoo enables consultancy companies to accelerate their businesses and get in control by providing a system that includes all the functionality they need. All based on the latest technology, user friendly and easy to integrate.

Boksnok is a subscription service for interactive children’s books. It offers over 1000 qualitative and well-known children’s books from established publishers. The goal is to make reading more accessible to children in a new and fun way by taking advantage of the new technical possibilities.

Obvious Company cash management on easy mode. Obvious helps founders manage their cash and better understand their businesses. We answer mission-critical questions like “What is my burn?”, “What do we pay for?”, “Who is accountable?” and “How do I maximize growth?”. By using bank APIs, users can connect their data sources and be fully onboarded within minutes.

yayloh is a next-generation post-purchase and returns management SaaS platform for online retailers. yayloh was founded with the aim of fixing the biggest pain of the online shopping journey, both for customers and retailers: returns. With yayloh, the entire return journey is digital. The result is streamlined processes, empowered customer service agents, exceeded customer expectations and reduced returns.