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NEWS April 29, 2020

Laundrop is launching its digital laundry service in Uppsala

Since its launch in Stockholm at the beginning of the year, the company has grown quickly, mainly among families with children who want to spend their time on other things. Now the company is expanding and, starting today, offers its service to individuals and companies in Uppsala.

Laundrop is an environmentally friendly digital laundry service that offers collection and delivery of laundry directly to the door. 

More and more people are paying to get help with cleaning at home and to have their food delivered home. Startup company Laundrop is now taking on a new chore – the laundry – and offers quick, easy and environmentally friendly handling of your laundry, and delivers it directly to your home.

– We see a change in the behavioral pattern of people. More and more people are willing to pay to get “boring” chores done by someone else in order to spend their own time on more fun things, says Gigja Gudjonsdottir, co-founder and CEO of Laundrop.

So far, the company has washed 19 tons of laundry and made over 6,000 deliveries. They have many satisfied repeat customers and the goal is to create a smooth customer experience as possible.

– We sort everything before washing, afterward we fold the laundry, lack the bedding and pair all the socks together. Then we deliver the clean laundry to your door. Everything is included in the price and we usually do it within 24 hours. I understand why our customers get hooked, says Gigja Gudjonsdottir.

Laundrop’s service is also environmentally friendly. Deliveries are made with electric bicycles and electric vehicles and they only wash with environmentally friendly detergents. The laundry is also collected and delivered in reusable laundry bags made from recycled material.

– We are a team of driven creative entrepreneurs who strive to make tomorrow’s laundry industry greener. We offer all types of laundry; everything from everyday laundry and dry cleaning to the type of laundry that everyone thinks is cumbersome – the carpet wash, says Gigja Gudjonsdottir.

The team behind Laundrop looks forward to opening in Uppsala. The city was chosen because of the high pace of student and business life.

Laundrop will pick up and leave laundry in Uppsala on Mondays and Wednesdays between 17:00 and 22:00. A “medium” laundry bag holds about as much as a full laundry basket and costs SEK 399 and includes everything.

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