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NEWS January 28, 2023

Launching the Swedish Climate Startup Map – are you on the list?

A curated collection of innovative, Swedish startups and scaleups creating solutions for the green transition.

This is a proud moment for Sting as the Swedish Climate Startup Map, a project initiated by Sting in 2020, is updated and re-launched together with Chalmers Ventures, Dalarna Science Park, Ignite Sweden, LEAD, SISP.

Entrepreneurs play an important part in accelerating our transformation into a more sustainable society. The Swedish Climate Startup Map comes at a time when Sting is doubling down on its efforts with the Climate Action initiative, where 100 new Climate Startups will be accelerated.

The map aims to give Swedish Climate startups a launchpad and recognition needed to raise capital and find strategic partnerships that enable them to grow. The first version features 108 companies within the energy sector. Stay tuned for the full version, planned to be released in March 2023 and include seven more categories.

Sting companies featured on this first version of the map include: Cling Systems, DTR-1, Enerpoly, Evolar, Expectra, Gordian, Mantex, Midsummer, Rebase Energy, RenBloc and Waybler.

Please find the complete map and nominate your startup at: .

This joint project is led by Chalmers Ventures, Dalarna Science Park, Ignite Sweden, LEAD, SISP and Sting. It is part of Omställningslyftet, co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, Tillväxtverket and Vinnova, and the Sustainable Energy Action, funded by Swedish Energy Agency.