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NEWS February 10, 2020

Klimato raises capital to help restaurants reduce their climate impact, the journey into Europe has already begun

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Klimato’s founders: Anton Unger, Philip Claesson, Henric Hansson and Christoffer Connée


Klimato has raised SEK 2.6 million in an angel round led by Anders Lindell, who previously ran one of Sweden’s largest hedge funds. The startup company offers services to calculate, visualize and reduce the climate impact of food. They launched their application in 2019 and have already signed several major customers in Norway and Sweden. Now the University College London and several other universities in England are on their way to start their climate work together with Klimato.

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Clarion Sign, Bastard Burgers and Sodexo are some of the companies that have so far managed to reduce their carbon emissions with the help of Klimato. Now the company is expanding to England and already has several UK customers in the pipeline.

With Klimato’s tools, restaurants can calculate and mark the climate impact on their menu, set climate goals, find areas for improvement and monitor their progress to reduce their emissions. Since January 2019, Bastard Burgers has lowered their average climate impact per served portion from 4.4 kg to 3.0 kg of carbon dioxide emissions together with Klimato.

– A restaurant that serves a few hundred guests a day has a great opportunity to reduce its emissions through small changes in the menu. By offering more vegetarian alternatives or reducing the amount of beef in popular dishes on the menu, can in one year mean several hundred tons in reduced carbon dioxide emissions, says Anton Unger, CEO of Klimato, which was founded at KTH.

The food industry accounts for about 25 percent of global emissions and the importance of reducing the climate impact from the food we eat has been highlighted, not least by the UN Climate Panel, IPCC.

– I have long lacked a tool for reporting the environmental and climate impact in the food industry. Klimato offers just such a tool, and given the importance of climate work, not least from private companies, I am convinced that the company’s potential is very large, says Anders Lindell, business angel who now invests in Klimato.

In addition to its expansion into England, Klimato will continue to establish its user-friendly tool for measuring and presenting the climate impact of food in other Scandinavian countries during 2020.

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