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NEWS June 2, 2014

Innovative Swedish cleantech companies on tour to meet UK investors


The Swedish Cleantech Tour brings a handpicked selection of Sweden’s most innovative cleantech companies to London on 3rd and 4th June 2014. The companies will showcase an exciting array of innovations which propose contributions to solving global environmental challenges. The companies will meet with UK investors and potential UK business partners.

The eight handpicked cleantech companies will accelerate their internationalisation during the 2014 Swedish Cleantech Tour. They will also meet investors to discuss future funding requirements. The Swedish Cleantech Tour makes its first stop in London on 3rd and 4th June 2014 for a two-day event arranged by Swedish business incubators STING (Stockholm Innovation & Growth) and LEAD (LiU Entrepreneurship and Development), in co-operation with Cleantech Investor and the Embassy of Sweden in London.

The participating companies will meet representatives of the London investment community and potential business partners during an investment pitching event and a networking lunch at the Swedish Ambassador’s Residence.

“Innovative solutions in the energy sector are becoming increasingly important. Sweden’s cleantech companies have a lot to offer in this field”, says Nicola Clase, Sweden’s Ambassador to the UK.

Sweden is one of the world’s leading nations when it comes to implementing and exporting cleantech innovation, and the goal of the Swedish Cleantech Tour is to build bridges and create connections leading to mutual business development, unique investment opportunities and an overall exchange of knowledge.

Magnus Rehn, cleantech business coach at STING and initiator of the Tour, says:

“There are several reasons why we have chosen London as our first stop on this year’s Tour. London is considered as the central financial hub of Europe and is also showing the way for renewable energy and energy efficiency, and the UK has also proved to be an attractive market for deploying green solutions.”

After London, the Swedish Cleantech Tour will visit Zurich (17th and 18th September) and Boston (last week of October, date to be confirmed) during 2014, which is the second year of the Swedish Cleantech Tour. This follows on from a highly successful initial tour to Paris, Munich and Shanghai in 2013.

One of this year’s participating companies, Watty, is developing the first scalable low-cost solution for saving energy in buildings. Watty collects and analyses energy usage data in homes and commercial buildings, and provides analysis of this data, both in real time and historically. By highlighting wasteful behaviour patterns, Watty’s solution can help reduce energy costs by around 30 per cent over the long term.

According to Hjalmar Nilsonne, CEO of Watty:

“As a Swedish company with a small domestic market, we had to plan our internationalisation process from day one. The Swedish Cleantech Tour offers a unique opportunity to meet with customers and investors from the UK and we look forward to using this opportunity as a stepping-stone in our coming expansion.”

In addition to Watty, the Swedish Cleantech Tour participating companies include:

Arsizio – Has developed 3D-extrusion technology for customers requiring lightweight materials, lower material costs, lower production costs, lower investment levels, higher efficiency, improved design freedom and higher performance.
CorPower Ocean – Has developed a Wave Energy Converter inspired by the pumping principles of the human heart, which enables five times higher energy density compared to other wave technologies.
DP Patterning – Manufactures machines for the production of Flexible Bare Circuit Boards using a sustainable mechanical method to replace the environmentally hazardous etching method.
Ecofective – Has delivered a proven and robust IT-based energy management solution for real estate.
Exeger Sweden AB – A leading developer of low cost, flexible, silicon-free dye-sensitised solar (DSC) cells for building integrated and automobile integrated photovoltaic applications.
Heliospectra – Provides intelligent LED lighting solutions optimised for plant and horticulture applications.
Minesto – Is commercialising the Deep Green tidal power generator technology which focuses on low speed tides and ocean currents.

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