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NEWS July 8, 2021

Imsure closes pre-seed round on journey to shake up insurance

Sting company Imsure has raised 3 MSEK in a recent investment round. Now the startup aims to change the way we buy insurance.

Just before the summer, Sting startup Imsure closed a pre-seed round of three million kronor with a selection of Swedish angel investors. Among others, Soläng Invest, Saminvest and Trond Riiber Knudsen joined the company.

“Imsure is renewing an industry with an outdated business model. It will be exciting to follow the company closely as they raise the standard for customer experience in insurance,” says Anders Göransson, one of Sweden’s largest private investors, via Soläng Invest.

Imsure is a shopping service that enables customers to add mini-insurances for the products and services they buy online.

“At check-out, you have the opportunity to choose insurance just as you can choose a payment and delivery solution. I’d say Imsure is like Klarna for insurance, in the sense that it has the same potential to shake up an entire industry and change the way we buy and consume insurance,” says Roy R Jungestål CEO and founder of Imsure.

Through Imsure’s plugin, all digital platforms and processes, for example through apps and webshops, can offer their customers a chance to buy insurance in connection with purchases or orders.

“Today, unfortunately only the largest retailers offer insurance as an option to their customers. Through Imsure, which allows people to easily add small insurances for products and services with one quick click, all digital platforms can offer customers this service,” says Roy R Jungestål.

What makes Imsure unique compared to other small digital insurance concepts is the simplicity of the interface that makes it easy for both Imsure’s customers and the end customer.

“Because we offer our customers a context-adapted product that’s simple, relevant and doesn’t disrupt the purchase flow for their target groups, they can make difficult and complicated insurance products incredibly easy to use. With several large distribution partners being implemented right now and several on the way in, we believe that we have an attractive and unique way of selling supplementary insurance,” says Roy R Jungestål, CEO and founder of Imsure.

The end customer can also easily keep track of their insurance through the Imsure app.

The company was started in 2020 by Roy R Jungestål, Thomas Ekström and insurance veteran Steinar Kleven who wanted to help all sellers easily offer extra insurance to their customers. Together, the team has extensive experience in the insurance industry and building successful services/products for consumers.

Today, the team consists of 6 people with employees in both Oslo and Stockholm. The head office is in Stockholm. Imsure plans to launch in several countries in 2022.

Contact information:
Roy R Jungestål, 0737880088,
More about Imsure at

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