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NEWS April 5, 2017

Impactpool assists with UN recruitment

Impact Pool has been commissioned by the UN Secretary General’s office to assist in making nominations to appoint the future leader of the UN peacekeeping forces.

According to Impactpool’s co-founder Henrik Rydén, this is the first time that the UN goes beyond its internal structure to fill senior roles at this level.

– We have an established process with a large user base. We help the UN by spreading the message in social channels and by creating a campaign to build awareness of what the job entails, says Henrik Rydén.

Impactpool’s business model is to have a career site where they collect vacancies from international organizations such as the UN. The organizations pay to post ads and the candidates can pay a sum to get help with pitching their application and learn how to prepare in the best way. The career page has today 165 000 members, according to Impactpool.

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