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NEWS December 19, 2016

IIS invests 1.5 MSEK in MetaSolutions that enables open digitization and new services in the public sector


The Internet Foundation in Sweden, IIS, invests in MetaSolutions, a young company with modern management solutions. The investment is part of a new inititive from IIS to support new Swedish Internet companies.

MetaSolutions makes sophisticated data management available through cloud services, making it quick and easy to make information more searchable and better described by using linked data. Applications for the new technology are numerous.

One of the solutions is fast becoming the market leader in Sweden, the service for publishing open data. Over 60 percent of those who today publish open data nationally uses MetaSolutions cloud service EntryScape Catalog.

– We help our customers to publish in just one day, which is unique. Among other things, we have helped the Swedish Tax Agency to create and offer APIs as open data, which is a prerequisite for digitization on a broad front. The fact that IIS is entering and investing in the company means that we will be able to scale up and help even more, says Eric Hjelmestam, CEO Meta Solutions.

– MetaSolutions is a very exciting company whose mission – to help clients make available large amounts of data – is very much in line with IIS’ aims to promote the development and use of the Internet in Sweden. By making it easier for more people to make their data available, we are confident that new services and innovations will be created, says Staffan Hagnell, responsible for IIS investment portfolio.

IIS is also a former client of MetaSolutions through an investment in, a Swedish service where users can begin to describe and upload their data for free. The service has close to 100 users and is used for publishing to ö

IIS has this year begun to invest in young Swedish companies. The main purpose for IIS is not a return in money, or to control the companies’ development, but rather to help companies in the early stages when it is difficult to attract investors. IIS will be a minority shareholder in these companies and the companies will have the opportunity to buy back shares in future investment rounds.

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MetaSolutions is part of STING Incubate. Learn more about the program here.