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NEWS February 13, 2017

Here’s the list of the 8 new STING Accelerate companies

Interactive 3D visualizations, a news service, a footboll app, and location-based communication are some of the digital products and services the eight new STING Accelerate companies offer. All companies receive SEK 300 000 by Propel Capital, the investment company that invests solely in STING companies, in order to further accelerate their growth.

More than 120 Internet companies applied to the eight spots in the eighth round of the accelerator program STING Accelerate. The selected group of Sweden’s most promising startups will receive intensive coaching or 20 weeks by STING’s coaches to increase the pace of development, rapidly enter the market, and increase the chance of success.

– It’s a really, really fun and strong group that will be very exciting to work with. The eight companies spans e-commerce, 3D visualization, social media and gaming, says Peo Nilsson, leading program coach for STING Accelerate.

All companies accepted to STING Accelerate receive an investment of SEK 300 000 from STING’s investment platform Propel Capital, which consists of some 30 renowned Swedish business angels.

One of the selected companies, Privlic, develops an app for location-based communication, where users share their location in real time and communicate with anyone in the world or the people in a specific location/city.

– STING, with their experienced coaches and network of business angels, is an excellent catalyst for Privlic in our endeavor to redraw the map of location-based communication! We look forward to a continued focus on product and business development and, surrounded by qualified sparring partners, accelerate the work toward a successful launch of Privlic in the spring of 2017, says Fredrik von Arnold, co-founder of Privlic.

Another company, Elly Pistol, is an online brand in street fashion, whose signature garment is cocky but timeless bomber jackets. The brand already has customers in more than 30 countries.

– We look forward to make valuable contacts through STING, find new partners and ways to reach our target audience, and be inspired by other successful entrepreneurs we hope to come in contact with. Our goal over the next few months is to become even better at what we do and what we create, so that we can grow as a company, both internally and externally as a brand, says Cecilia Stengard, founder and CEO of Elly Pistol.

The eight STING Accelerate companies get, in addition to coaching in business development and financing, support in recruitment and communication, as well as access to STING wide network of industry contacts and investors. During the program, STING provides free office space on the internet hub SUP46 in central Stockholm. Since its inception in 2002, STING has coached over 200 startups. Among the Incubate companies are Sellpy, Dreams, Karma, Mondido, Sudio, Peppy Pals and Match2One.

The following eight startup companies arein this spring 2017 round of STING Accelerate:

Adoveo creates interactive marketing campaigns that the consumer chooses him-/herself wether to take part of or not. The target audience is not forced to view commercials, but rather chooses to engage with commercials that offer attractive incentives. It may be, for example, vouchers directly on your mobile or a quiz, which creates a positive brand association unlike traditional “pre-rolls”, where the effect is the opposite. The concept has been developed jointly with, and is already appreciated by, brands such as SAS, Coca-Cola and 

Elly Pistol
Elly Pistol is an online brand in street fashion, whose signature garment is cocky but timeless bomber jackets. The brand has since its inception in 2015 received a lot of attention in social media and already has customers in over 30 countries. Elly Pistol designs for women who want to express feelings through their outfits, and creates clothes with attitude that is seasonally independent and can stay with us a long time, both offline and online.

Just Football
Just Football wants to digitize the world’s largest sport through an app that makes it easier and more fun to play football. The company’s vision is to make people play more football, more often and with more new people. This will contribute to a better integration and physical health, and to develop the next generation of footballers. 

Medpeople is a cloud-based solution for healthcare staffing where licensed doctors and nurses via an app can accept jobs and start working as consultants without having to start their own business. By automating the manual work currently done by traditional staffing companies, the “intermediaries” disappear. Job history, payroll, scheduling and communication are handled directly in the app and provide a single comprehensive solution for both healthcare providers and consultants. 

Newsvoice is a news app and a community that links to high-quality articles with different perspectives. Our breakthrough technology scans and analyzes news articles, but in the end it’s the readers who decide what is important. is initially aiming for the US market.  

Privlic is an app for position-based communication. With Privlic, users can share their position in real time and communicate with anyone in the world or to people in a specific location/city – in private groups with family, friends and other contacts, or via public hashtags (#) with strangers who share a special interest or similar background. 

Vyer Technologies
Vyer Technologies creates Web-enabled, interactive 3D visualizations that help their customers to present the properties for a broader mass. Through computer vision, Vyer can interpret blueprints, which makes it possible to automate the underlying 3D modeling, which otherwise is both expensive and time consuming. 

Wehype helps brands to understand and reach out to the younger generation in the rapidly growing gaming and e-sports world. Using smart technology and data, companies are linked to relevant influerare.


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