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NEWS February 8, 2022

Here are the 17 new Sting companies – carefully selected in fierce competition

There is a strong focus on high-tech solutions when Sting, nominated the ‘world’s best accelerator’ had a kickoff today for the 17 new startups at A-house in Stockholm.

Sting new companies spring 2022
Sting new companies spring 2022

There is a strong focus on high-tech solutions when Sting, nominated the ‘world’s best accelerator’ had a kickoff today for the 17 new startups at A-house in Stockholm.  

The interest in applications for Sting was stronger than ever and the competition intense. 17 startups made it through the fierce competition and got a place at Sting where they will be coached during spring to launch their innovations and become successful growth companies. A wide range of industries is covered by the new Sting companies including material technology, genetic profiling, AI-based learning, blockchain, web 3.0, VR, and 3D printing solutions. Several of these hich-tech companies are the results of a close collaboration with KTH Innovation.

“The quality of the applicant companies has been higher than ever, and we have placed great emphasis on finding and selecting companies that we believe have great opportunities to make a difference,” said Karin Ruiz, Deputy CEO, Sustaintech and Deeptech business coach at Sting. 

One of the companies is Akira science which develops biological materials for 3D-printed implants.  

“We who are behind Akira are three women who all share a passion for chemistry, degradable polymers, and 3D printing. Akira Science develops materials that allow you to 3D-print soft tissue to, for example, recreate a breast after a breast cancer operation. With Sting’s help, we hope to be able to reach out with our innovation to a broader market and in this way also be able to contribute to an increased quality of life,” says Tiziana Fuoco, co-founder, and CTO at Akira.  

Another trend seen in this year’s applications is web 3.0. NfinityMark is one of the companies that participated in the autumn round of “Test Drive Blockchain,” a program that Sting organized together with Advanced Blockchain AG.  

“We are incredibly happy to take the next step on our journey together with Sting. We look forward to their support in helping us grow sustainably in our mission to help creators bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. Using chemistry, blockchain, and NFT technologies, Nfinitymark provides artists with an indisputable link between their physical artworks and a digital record. This secures authorship, ownership, and provenance, and opens up a range of opportunities in Metaverse applications. Welcome to the future” says Kirsten Hinder, co-founder of NfinityMark. 

The selected companies can receive a SEK 500,000 investment from Propel Capital, Sweden’s most active private seed investor. But most valuable for the startups could be a structured coaching program, access to expert coaches, recruitment support, business angels, and an international network of industry contacts and investors.  

Since the start in 2002, Sting has coached over 350 startups that together have a company value of SEK 20 billion. Together, they have a turnover of more than SEK 3.6 billion, of which 62 percent comes from international sales. They have raised over SEK 7.5 billion in private capital and created over 3,300 jobs. Sting’s alumni companies include Yubico, Karma, Sellpy, Airmee, and Volumental.  

The following 17 companies have been selected to Sting’s program starting this week:  

Akira Science 

Removes barriers for 3D-printed implants. Akira has developed a new degradable polymer that can be used for 3D printing and tissue engineering applications. Akira Science started at the Royal Institute of Technology with support from KTH Innovation


A data-driven learning app driving careers and organizations with efficiency & curiosity, creating more equitable opportunities for learning by making education more dynamic and accessible. The intelligent platform includes a social network and a marketplace with integrations with training providers and vocational-technical services.


Makes genetic risk profiles available for a healthier life. Today, it is time-consuming and resource-intensive to develop personal genetic profiles. Arkus does this quickly and efficiently with the help of AI and provides users with genetic health updates, all to guide them towards a life of quality and joy.  


Enables the expansion of eSIM-based devices. Atlastica is developing a solution that addresses the activation and distribution needs of devices in the eSIM based cellular market. A market that is expected to grow 7 billion units by 2026.  


An office-sharing service for the modern and digital office. Through Awaio’s app, companies can share free spaces, workplaces, and meeting rooms. Users can easily find a workplace that suits his or her needs for the day.  


The simplest mood board tool for interior design. BONI is a cloud-based interior design tool for creating mood boards, visualizing interior design ideas, and finding products – all in one place. BONI makes it possible to combine different furniture from favorite stores and test different options. All products can easily be purchased via links to retailers.  

Ekbacken Studios 

Challenges the traditional way of luxury and transforms waste products into design objects. Ekbacken Studios is a design studio that creates timeless furniture that is sustainably produced through the reuse of residual materials such as sea plastic. Production takes place locally with the help of LSAM (3D printing), and a portion of the profits goes back to the local organizations that actively work with social and ecological sustainability.  


The collaborative workplace of the future with the help of Multiuser VR. Flowtropolis is a VR platform that simplifies the creation of customized VR applications. Behind the company is a team of creators and developers who together improve operations with innovative VR technology and design.  


Simplifies and makes sales and marketing communication more personalized with the help of AI. Hypertype is a plug-and-play solution that analyzes the content of an email and provides the user with relevant sales data and previous email content and then composes personal superfast responses.  


Scientifically based, digital aids for mental health. Mother develops technologically advanced and scientifically based aids for mental health. The high-tech solutions translate findings from the forefront of neuroscience to readily available digital therapies. Mother uses VR and biofeedback in combination with digitally controlled methods for mental training.  


Ensures the origin of art with the help of chemistry, blockchain and NFT technology. NfinityMark enables artists to create an undeniable link between their physical artwork, blockchain and NFT. NfinityMark contains a unique, chemically engineered serial number which when applied to a work of art, gives the piece a digital identity that protects its origins. It creates security both for creators and collectors and opens new opportunities in metaverse applications.  


Glass foundry on a desk in the form of a 3D-printed glass. Nobula 3D printers allow complex 3D structures to be produced in glass, quickly and easily. Areas of application include medical equipment, optics, solid state batteries, art, and jewelry. Nobula started at the Royal Institute of Technology with support from KTH Innovation.  


A global food market that connects independent chefs and customers. Sizzle supports, promotes, and develops independent entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industries and connects them to customers who want a global kitchen. The shared infrastructure makes it easy for contractors to sell their authentic dishes without advance costs and long lead times. Global culinary creativity available to everyone.  


Precision components for 6G. TeraSi develops precision components for use in 6G, the next generation of wireless communication technology, which uses 100 times higher frequency than today’s 4G components. TeraSi started at the Royal Institute of Technology with support from KTH Innovation.  


Event tickets for Web3. Tixy.nft is a ticket platform and marketplace built on blockchain technology. The platform gives creators and fans access to a more modern, fairer, and safer ticket experience for both physical and virtual events. Tixy.nft started at the Royal Institute of Technology with support from KTH Innovation


Digital platform for vaccinations. Vacci is developing an independent, digital platform that helps users understand what vaccines they need, where they can be taken, book vaccinations and pay directly on the platform. All vaccinations are then saved in the form of a digital vaccination card, which provides a transparent and accessible overview for life.  


A platform for sustainable staffing in healthcare. Vivium is a cloud-based platform that contributes to safer and more cost-effective internal and external staffing in healthcare.  

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