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NEWS July 2, 2019

Healthtech company Belly Balance raises new investment

Belly Balance, with the dietician Sofia Antonsson at the forefront, has for ten years driven the development of IBS treatment in Sweden. Now Belly Balance is taking the next step towards a better digestive health when developing and launching a new app together with Add Health Media and Thnx Innovation.

IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, affects 15-20 percent of the world’s population and it is difficult to get the right help in the healthcare system. Dietician Sofia Antonsson started treating people with IBS in 2009 and has implemented the scientifically-proven method FODMAP in the healthcare system in Sweden. In 2016, she and Belly Balance launched the first Swedish digital IBS treatment.

– FODMAP is a dietary treatment that can only be carried out by licensed dieticians. There are a large number of studies that prove that 75 percent of those undergoing treatment based on this method have increased quality of life and reduced symptoms. These are fantastic results and much better than any of the symptom-relieving drugs available today, says Sofia Antonsson.

The lack of dieticians in the healthcare sector, combined with the fact that the knowledge of IBS in the medical profession is low, means that it can take several years to get diagnosis assistance. Through the digital IBS treatment, Belly Balance contributes to quick and proper help, which results in an increased quality of life and fewer symptoms for it with IBS.

Now Belly Balance is facing an exciting growth journey where the investment, worth SEK 3.5 million, is a first step.

– The app Belly Balance will be re-launched and we will be able to offer the entire digital IBS treatment in combination with tools that make a real difference in the life of the person suffering from IBS. It is extremely exciting and we are already getting ready for the next investment round, but first we are going to prove ourselves and, with the support of this investment, reach out to even more, says Jenny Sands, co-founder and CEO of Belly Balance.

Thnx Innovation is the Belly Balance external development team who, with the investment, deepen their commitment.

– We are very happy that our cooperation is now further strengthened through a long-term partnership. With Belly Balance’s knowledge and experience within IBS, our cutting-edge expertise as a development partner and the joint commitment that the constellation provides, Belly Balance is ready to scale up considerably. Together we create digital success, says Richard Lindberg, CEO and founder of Thnx Innovation.

The partnership with Add Health Media is a natural extension of many years of successful collaboration through the Doktorn brand, where Sofia Antonsson is one of the experts in gastric health.

– Belly Balance is not only an exciting and important investment considering how many people are affected by IBS, it is also a company with a scalable service that for us is strategic to invest in as we can see clear synergies within the Group’s other investment companies, says Johan Bloom, business developer at Add Health Media.

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