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NEWS September 8, 2021

Health Integrator secures SEK 20 million

Sting alumni Health Integrator is set to expand nationwide with this new cash injection.

Fredrik Söder, Founder & CEO of Health Integrator

The growth journey has only just begun for Health Integrator, the healthtech company that reduces the number of patients in the healthcare system by preventing diseases. With this injection of SEK 20 million, the company will embark on a wave of expansion that will make the service available to users throughout Sweden.

Today, chronic diseases are increasing rapidly, despite the fact that 80% of them can be prevented through lifestyle changes. Swedish healthtech company Health Integrator prevents chronic diseases through its digital platform by giving people access to personal health coaching and a variety of wellness services.

The Stockholm Region is the first to use Health Integrator’s digital health platform in a 5-year preventive program to prevent type 2 diabetes. There is great interest in the program – with 25,000 people having signed up so far and over 500 of them being identified as high risk. They’ve now been offered a place in the program to get help to stay healthy.

Fully developed, the Stockholm Region estimates that the savings potential for the program is SEK 1.4 billion per year. If this were to be implemented at national level for prediabetes patients, the healthcare sector could potentially save billions of kronor.

The initiative has received international awards and an increasing number of regions and players are showing interest in Health Integrator’s platform. To make the service available to more users who want proactive help with their health, the company is now raising new capital.

“We are shifting into a new gear and making our digital health solution available in more regions. The pandemic has increased the need for preventive measures to prevent chronic diseases and strengthen public health”, says Fredrik Söder, Founder and CEO of Health Integrator.

In addition to a large number of angel investors, Health Integrator has previously been backed by Luminar Ventures, Leksell Social Ventures and Add Health Media. J12 is leading the new investment of SEK 20 million ahead of the next expansion phase that Health Integrator will now start. The future includes upscaling operations to more regions, more customers and in new disease areas.

Health Integrator’s solution is scalable and can be used to prevent many diseases. As a first step in making the service available to more people, the service is being launched on Benefits and Wellnet, Söderberg & Partners’ benefit portals. Health Integrator is also in talks with Apoteket AB.

Health Integrator’s digital health platform

Science and committed partners are behind the investment

The digital health platform has been developed by Health Integrator in collaboration with, among others, Friskis & Svettis Stockholm, Midnattsloppet, Apoteket, ICA Klassikern, EIT Health, RISE, Sting and GIH (Gymnastik- och Idrottshögskolan). The platform has been tested and validated in a clinical study at Karolinska Institutet.

The wellness initiative in Stockholm is the result of a collaboration between the Stockholm Region, Health Integrator, Skandia in its capacity as financier and SEB. The way the investment is financed is new and is based on a health impact bond. By preventing type 2 diabetes, you can avoid a lot of suffering and also free up large resources that can
be used to provide other types of care.

For further information contact:

Fredrik Söder, CEO, Health Integrator,


Petra Eurenius, Communications Manager