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NEWS July 1, 2022

Growloop, the completely digital leadership coach of the future – has raised €1 million to further democratize leadership development.

The edtech company V3VO with its leadership service Growloop has fully subscribed its €1 million seed round to fuel its mission of helping every human live a balanced, fulfilling and viable life. With Growloop, organizations now can develop the leadership within all their co-workers and teams so that both managers and co-workers can grow together and reach meaningful results faster, on a bigger scale and at a smaller cost. Steering businesses only from the top is getting more difficult every day.

V3VO team
V3VO team

As uncertainty, ambiguity, and complexity increase in the world, everyone needs to be part of the leadership function to create meaningful results. But developing everyone in an organization through traditional leadership programs is normally an expensive and demanding process, in general not personalized for each individual or context as such.

V3VO has therefore developed Growloop, a digital leadership coach and trainer, a clever app so that everyone in a team or an organization can develop their self-leadership and leadership. This is in collaboration with others regardless of existing knowledge or leadership maturity. All to a fraction of traditional leadership programs or consultancies costs. Growloop is today being used to support leadership development in fast-paced organizations to further increase the speed of their growth journey in creating more meaningful results, faster. In several international organizations with high ambitions such as Resultify, Peltarion, and Drama Queen, Growloop has in a short time become appreciated leadership support for many of their co-workers. Recently it has been rated 4 out of 5 by co-workers in Forex, the market leader in the Nordics for travel currency exchange.

Given the challenges and opportunities we have as individuals, organizations, and the world, we need the keys to how we can thrive and grow sustainably and even regenerative. To create and reach more meaningful results together. With the new resources, we can now further equip Growloop with more growth power, new learning experiences, and AI features. At the same time we can invest in supporting growth journeys in many more European organizations. A big win for everyone, says Johan Landgren, CEO, and co-founder.

Growloop arises from the collaboration between leadership consultants, entrepreneurs, and investors with ambition and willingness to democratize leadership development! The driving force is the realization that with the support of digitalization and AI, what has been reserved for a few can become available to everyone. During a couple of years, several prototypes and collaborations were tested before Growloop was developed in 2021. Growloop is a product from the company V3VO – Vertical Evolution AB.V3VO is backed by 9 shareholders. The majority of owners are Co-founders and global leadership consultants Mattias Seger (CPTO) and Monica Edgren. The entrepreneur Johan Landgren is the CEO and also Co-founder. Hans Isoz, Ideabits, Jenny Rosenkrantz, Karl Wassgren, Mimmi Brandberg, Rebecka Eriksson and Sting, are all shareholders and mission friends.