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NEWS November 1, 2022

Greentech Investor Emanuel Andersson is the new CEO of Propel Capital

Propel Capital, Sweden’s most active private seed investor within tech, connected to the accelerator Sting, has appointed Emanuel Andersson as our new CEO.

Propel Capital, Sweden’s most active private seed investor within tech, connected to the accelerator Sting, has appointed Emanuel Andersson as our new CEO.  

Emanuel has several years of experience as an investor, most recently from Almi Invest Greentech where he worked with a portfolio of over 30 climate-impact companies. 

Since 2014, when Propel Capital was initiated, Propel Capital has invested in over 175 companies primarily in sustaintech, healthtech, deeptech, and digital innovation. The investors tied to Propel are 100 of Sweden’s most experienced business angels, carefully selected to be a good fit with the startups and with the potential to support them long term. The latest version, Propel VI, closed this summer on 30MSEK with 25 old and new angels. 

“I am really looking forward to getting this unique opportunity to work with such well-renowned investors. The Propel angels is a diverse group of young and old, men and women, with different backgrounds but with one thing in common: they are active investors, passionate about our portfolio and the big, societal challenges of today,” said Emanuel Andersson, CEO of Propel Capital.   

Emanuel takes over the CEO role at a time when major societal challenges characterize the investor climate. 

”We must provide the companies that invent tomorrow, with the proper tools in order to make a difference. Sting stands with one leg in the research field and the other in business, which is a rather unique position. The benefit of Sting and Propel Capital is more obvious than ever. In addition, the geek side of me looks forward to diving into all the data we have collected over the years. The size of Propel means that we sit on a huge amount of exciting information that we can use to draw conclusions and become even sharper,” said Emanuel Andersson, CEO of Propel Capital. 

In the new role, Emanuel will use his investor and operational expertise to manage Propel Capital, find companies with promising potential, and help equip those companies with the tools needed to succeed in the market and further contribute to societal transformation. 

”Propel Capital works like an engine, bringing together business angels and startups in Stockholm. We have already financed 175 companies thus far and will finance many more in the years to come. The wheels continue to turn in the Swedish tech world. We are thrilled to have Emanuel Andersson as the new CEO. He has the drive and the right background to lift Propel Capital to the next level,” said Niclas Lilja, chairman of Propel Capital. 

About Propel Capital 

Propel Capital is an investment company linked to Sting. Propel Capital is Sweden’s most active private seed investor. Propel Capital benefits from Sting’s selection process and the portfolio companies benefit from Sting’s support in areas such as business development, coaching, and recruitment. 

Propel Capital exclusively invests in Sting companies. Startups in the Sting Accelerate program are offered investments and a selection of the Sting Incubate companies receive an investment in time upon evaluation. The investment amount is SEK 500,000. 

The current Propel Capital, Propel Capital VI, is managing SEK 30 million from about 40 of Sweden’s top business angels and from Saminvest. State-owned Saminvest has invested in Propel Capital IV, V and VI.