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NEWS December 7, 2015

Gleechi wins Gold in Idea Challenge


Gleechi received the first prize and 40,000 Euro in the Idea Challenge 2015, category Cyber-Physical Systems, for their high-tech software solution, which aims to revolutionize the way people interact with computers. Based on machine learning algorithms, Gleechi has developed the first software to generate natural hand motion. 

The EIT Digital Idea Challenge is a contest to reach out, identify and support the best digital startups in Europe that are focused on fast growth of their business in the EU and worldwide. The contest focuses on eight strategic areas and finals are held in eight different European cities. The goal is to find the 24 most innovative European startups in these fields and to help them succeed in world markets.

Gleechi has developed the first software solution that makes it easy to animate hands so they can move and interact freely and realistically. Application areas include gaming, animation, virtual reality, digital showrooms, robotics and serious gaming.

The winning teams will not only receive a cash prize but also get access to EIT Digital’s pan-European innovation network and benefit from international growth support through the EIT Digital Accelerator.

Silver and 25,000 Euro went to UAVIA Drones from France, which offers one-click aerial inspections and surveillance. Third prize and 15,000 Euro was received by Italian startup Cohaerentia, which has developed a multipurpose fibre optic sensor for predictive maintenance manifold demands.

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