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NEWS April 3, 2017

Food-saving service Karma accelerates – partners with hotel giant Scandic in the fight against food waste

Food waste app Karma launched in November 2016 and has since then quickly made a success at Swedish restaurants, bakeries and cafés. Now Karma increases its speed and takes a real grip on the fight against food waste in the hotel industry as well, by launching a nationwide collaboration with Scandic Hotels as the first hotel chain to join the service.

The Karma app gives consumers the opportunity to buy surplus food directly from restaurants, bakeries, cafés and shops as take-away to a maximum of half the full price, and is available today in several cities around Sweden. Since the launch, consumers have saved more than two tons of food from being thrown away and since a month back, consumers have also been able to save food from supermarkets through an agreement with food retailer ICA. Now Scandic is the next giant to join the service.

– Food waste represents an enormous burden on the environment and only in Sweden 500,000 tons of food, that is still perfectly edible, is disposed of annually and hotels, restaurants, shops and cafes account for as much as a third of that. That we can connect such a large hotel operator like Scandic to our service is a tremendous progress in the fight against food waste, and which we are incredibly proud of, says Hjalmar Ståhlberg Nordgren, CEO and co-founder of Karma.

The collaboration will begin in Stockholm where, during this week, it will be possible to save food from dozens of Scandic hotels, including Scandic Grand Central, Continental and Anglais. Within the next few days, hotels in Gothenburg, Malmö, Umeå, Västerås and Norrköping are also activated. Scandic has some 80 hotels in Sweden and is the leading hotel operator in the Nordics. They have for many years had sustainability as a key focus area for the corporation, with the ambition to be a leader in sustainability.

– The goal is that all our restaurants in Sweden will be connected, it is a real easy way for us to reduce waste and contribute to a better environment. The food should be eaten, not thrown away, and this allows customers and guests to buy good food at a very good price, says Thomas Fankl, head of Scandic’s restaurant business in Sweden.

Karma already has more than 40,000 active users and over 200 restaurants registered, and estimates at least ten times that number of users in 2017. During the month of February alone, Karma grew by 80 percent.

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