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NEWS February 8, 2017

First STING Incubate batch: 5 new tech startups

STING’s incubator program, STING Incubate, provides tech startups with coaching for 6 to 18 months. Companies in the spring’s first batch offer products and services including furniture rentals, improved road safety, and booking of specialist doctors online. All startups can get 300 000 SEK from Propel Capital, the investment company that invests solely in STING companies.

Each year, more than 150 startups apply to the STING Incubate program and 10-12 get accepted during the year. Now, for the first time, five companies start the program at the same time, in order to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experiences between entrepreneurs.

– We will start the three STING Incubate batches in 2017 with 3-5 companies per round. In the first batch are five exciting companies from five different industries, all with strong teams and innovative business ideas that fill a real need in the market. Several of them also have the potential to be disruptive in their respective fields, says Karin Ruiz, business coach at STING.

All companies accepted to STING can receive an investment of 300 000 SEK from STING’s investment platform Propel Capital, which consists of some 30 renowned Swedish business angels. Each team will be given individual support from a personal coach with a background and experience as an entrepreneur. The selected companies will also have access to several workshops and intensive courses that they take together with other STING companies, all to accelerate their development and increase their chances of success.

One of the companies, MediCheck offers people with chronic diseases a shortcut to a specialist doctor online, and frees up important and sought-after medical skills that will be easily accessible for people with medical needs.

– We just sneak launched in February and will gradually add new features. It’s extremely fun after one and a half years of hard work. Now we look forward to customer feedback to further improve the service, says Thomas Ehrengren, co-founder and CEO of MediCheck.

STING’s support for startups include, in addition to individual coaching and opportunity for investment from Propel Capital, access to STING own recruitment service for startups, place at SUP46, THINGS or H2, and access to STING’s broad international network of investors, business partners and experts.

Since its inception in 2002, STING has coached over 200 startups. Among the STING Incubate companies are Yubico, Videoplaza, Volumental, Watty, Barnabys, Bioservo and MIND Music Labs.

The following five startups are included in the first batch in 2017 for STING Incubate:

Beleco is the world’s first marketplace and community for furniture rentals. We give people and companies the freedom to rent, rent-to-own or buy their furniture, both new or second hand. Beleco offers a flexible white-glove logistic solution. A new service that meets a modern customer with a modern solution. 

Now you no longer need an expensive CE consultant to CE-mark your product. CE-Check is a web service, which, by asking a series of questions, analyze your product, and quickly and conveniently lists the CE marking directives that the product must comply with. Currently, the service includes most of the directives and are constantly being upgraded with new directives, features and services. 

EVAM System
H&E Solutions develops smart communication systems within V2V (Vehicle to Vehicle) and V2X (Vehicle to Everything) to improve traffic safety. The company’s product EVAM System can warn motorists of changing traffic situations, e.g. an approaching emergency vehicle or a fire in a tunnel, by using the already built-in car radio/infotainment system. H&E Solutions develops innovative products for tomorrow’s technology in the automotive industry. 

Local Life
We are globally connected but at the same time, we have become increasingly locally isolated. LocalLife intends to reverse this trend with technology that allows neighbors to come in contact with each other and self-organize in a safe manner. LocalLife thereby enables the communities with stronger identity, trust, security, and sustainability. 

MediCheck offers people with chronic diseases a shortcut to specialist doctors online. The specialist doctors, who can be selected based on individual preferences and needs, give advice via video calls or messages. Our network of medical specialists utilizes our platform to plan, implement and document the meetings. In this way, vital and sought-after medical skills are freed up and become accessible for people with medical needs. 


> The nest round starts April 24th. Read more about STING Incubate here