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Fintech involves disrupting the way all businesses operate, as well as our personal finances. We want to meet startups that create major changes to asset management, business and personal loans, fundraising, money transfers, and the way we invest.

What you get

In addition to the tailored coaching, financing and recruitment support, we will share our specific experience in coaching fintech companies. To speed up your growth, we can help you navigate the fintech landscape and regulations, and extend valuable relationships with fintech investors such as SEB Ventures, Brightly Ventures and Speedinvest.

What others say about us

    Being part of this community, giving and sharing and celebrating each other’s successes, contributed to us accelerating our business much faster.

    Jimmy Hanna, Fairlo

    Above all, Sting gave our quite radical business idea a ”seal of approval” and verified to investors and insurance companies that we had something both disruptive and achievable.

    Ola Lowden Landström, Omocom

Meet your coaches

These are the coaches you’ll probably spend the most time with, but you can expect a strong commitment and close support from our whole team.

Fredrik Rosengren

Fredrik coaches SaaS and software/services companies.
070-881 39 95

Hannah Meiton

Hannah coaches companies in the software/services and fintech areas.