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NEWS June 25, 2020

The Fit revolutionizes e-commerce with new body scanner technology − Stylein first out

Industry leaders have said the size system will disappear within 10 years and be replaced by body scanning, a reality that is already here. The Fit, together with fashion company Stylein, is first out with the mobile technology.

As e-commerce has grown in the last decade, the number of returns has also increased. Size and fit are the main reasons why almost every third garment is sent back today. This is pushing e-retailers’ already small profit margins and contributing to increased carbon dioxide emissions and wastage in the fashion industry.

The Fit’s recommendation service will reduce returns and make e-commerce less stressful for the climate.

− There is no standard, uniform size scale for clothing. Size guides are often generic and do not reflect the dimensions of the actual garments. Nor do they explain how fabrics fit on the body when different materials may require different sizes, says Lisa Lindvall, founder and CEO of The Fit.

The Fit has developed an app for mobile body scanning. With only two images, users create a personal and digital “body ID” containing their body measurements. This ID can then be used by all affiliated e-retailers to provide personalized size recommendations. The need for this is clear since bodies often look very different and everyone has different preferences regarding fit.

− With the help of our app, new data is also made available that gives fashion brands valuable insights on what their customers actually look. This data can be used for product development and product range planning. Correct data is a prerequisite for product adaptations and reduced overproduction, says Lisa Lindvall.

The innovative Swedish fashion brand Stylein, which has invested heavily in digitalization and e-commerce in recent years, is first to integrate the app in its e-commerce for mobile users.

− We have long been missing and looking for a partner who can realize this particular function and in this way bring our customer closer and create a better experience of shopping at It will be so exciting to be able to join and launch this project now and personally I really believe in this new way to digitally test your size, says Elin Alemdar, founder and designer at Stylein.

With The Fit, Lisa Lindvall also wants to democratize body data. She wants clothes to be adapted to our unique bodies, not the other way around.

− We are still in beta and have a lot of work left to do. Our focus is to help consumers make smarter purchasing decisions and make them feel that with us they can be confident that their personal data will remain personal. Therefore, we have a modern AI policy where consumers own their data. No images are saved and only anonymized statistics are shared with our affiliated e-retailers. There is a lack of personal service for digital consumers, where we see that we can take the role of a virtual shopping assistant and offer data driven guidance for the right purchase, says Lisa Lindvall.

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