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What can Sting do for me?

What sets us apart from other accelerators and what value will we add?

Here’s why Sting is different

Sting offers comprehensive and rigorous startup support that we believe is matched by no other accelerator in Europe.

Dedicated Business Coaches

Our ten dedicated business coaches have many years of experience starting and growing businesses themselves in addition to coaching other Startups to success. They have extensive networks and big tool boxes. Read more about our coaches and the rest of the Sting team here.

Experienced Industry Mentors

In addition to your business coaches, you will get access to a network of Industry Mentors with expertise and connections in your specific industry vertical.

Introductions to Investors

Sting is a popular scouting ground for both angels and VCs. Sting’s investment company Propel Capital does not only invest 500ksek in every Sting Accelerate company. The 40 experienced business angels can also open their networks and make follow-on investments. In total 850 m EUR has been invested in Sting companies since the start in 2002.

Team Development Support

Did you know that Sting has our own recruitment and team development team? It’s not always easy to attract top talent as a Startup without a brand and track record. Sting will help you build and develop the team you need to grow and fulfill your dreams.

Workspace at A house

Welcome to A house, Stockholm’s creative workplace. In addition to a seat in Sting’s co-working space, you will have access to all perks in A house, including happy hours, yoga classes, free breakfast on Thursdays, meeting rooms, and everything else that comes with the community.

Focus on sustainable growth

However, more important than anything is of course our focus on how your company can grow sustainably and contribute to a better world. Most of our entrepreneurs are driven by their cause, to make an impact and be part of the solution to real problems.

We take gender equality seriously

Since we started measuring the number of Sting Startups with female founders in 2017, the number has gone from 26%-75%.* We are extremely proud of this number but there is much more to be done. Read more about our female founder numbers and focus here.

*This means that 75% of the Startups in our latest batch had at least one female founder.

We are the worlds no 1 Incubator/Accelerator

We totally mean to brag when we remind you that we were named the world’s best Incubator/Accelerator in 2021. But more important to us are our customer surveys that show that more than 9 out of 10 of our Startups would recommend Sting to other founders. Feel free to contact our companies to hear what they think.

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